Chalk Paint Splash Back ~ A Fail & A Fix

You know those projects, which in your head look totally, amazingly awesome? The ones you just know will look exactly like you imagined?
Well, today I began one of those projects, I shan’t beat around the bush, it did not go as planned!
I ‘accidently’ smashed our glass splash back behind the oven, with the aim to tile over almost the entire wall, but I just can not make a final decision on tiles, and I’m not going to all that expense and effort for something I’m not 100% certain with .
This weekend Spencer’s parents were here and as is typical when they visit, a spot of DIY took place, we finally took down the extractor hood from above our oven. The thing was less than useless, it did nothing that throwing a window open doesn’t do, plus it attacked Spencer's head on a daily basis!!
So now, with no back splash and no extractor hood, I was left with a totally blank piece of wall, which is actually the largest bit of nekkid wall in our kitchen, I almost hugged it!
We debated putting up shelving, but forgot the idea as we like the openness of the kitchen with nothing there.
As I still couldn’t decide on a permanent solution, I decided a temporary one would have to do, aqua painted walls do not agree with oven top splashes! I decided to bust out the chalk board paint, my original idea was to paint individual ‘boards’ across the wall over the oven.
Turns out I’m not very good at painting small curvy lines.
So I decided to make them in to 3 squares, but the tape I used let the paint seep underneath.
Then, getting a tiny bit panicky, I grabbed my ruler and drew a huge rectangle, which I then filled in with chalk paint. I didn’t stop to take photos, I was much too busy trying to make the place somewhat presentable for when Spencer came home, I tend not to tell him when I start things like this, opps!!
chalk paint splash back
I wanted to add something to it, a large black rectangle isn’t massively appealing.
I couldn’t add anything other than bunting, but as its in the kitchen I needed something I could wipe down easily. I decided to laminate some scrapbook paper and snip it in to triangle flags. On a few flags I added some retro looking kitchen toppers which I had in my craft stash, these fitted through the laminator just fine.
retro kitchen bunting images
Once I had them all strung on pieces of bakers twine, I strung the bunting across the chalk board.
So now I have a kind of temporary back splash and a place to use as our menu board! Can you see that tiny patch of yellow above the cabinet in the corner, I’m too short to paint it and keep forgetting to ask hubby!
our kitchen
This really has turned out better than I had planned, anyone else had a project go wrong but ended up pleased with the result?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the other day. I went home and did nothing for two days and now I'm back in Hertfordshire, and should be finished by the weekend.
    I love the new look splashback, and the bunting, infact the whole kitchen is pretty cute.
    I have two projects at home that have gone wrong, but I've yet to rectify them !

  2. i love your kitchen, totally adorable! thanks for sharing your idea!

  3. I love your kitchen and the backsplash is really cool! Nice job! Love the banners too!
    I would love if you came by my Creative inspirations party to link up - it is happening NOW! I would love to have you there!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  4. I love it! I think it looks great and admire your creativity.

  5. I think it turned out great! I love the banner you added, so cute!


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