Coastal Themed Artwork & Apologies

So, there we were taking a walk along the seafront when some kid pushed Ahren over. Ahren smacked his head on one of the beach groynes, cue large gash above his eye and blood pouring out.
We all know that accidents happen, but frickin’ hell, APOLOGISE!
Ahren was stood there crying, in obvious distress, and the kid just walked off, when did parents stop teaching their kids manners?
Spencer scooped up Ahren, exchanged a few stern words with the kids dads, and then spent 4 hours at the local hospital.
Thankfully they were able to SUPERGLUE his wound closed, a few butterfly stitches and he was sent home.
My baby boy is going to have a scar just above his right eye, and the kid that did it, didn’t even think he needed to apologise, urgh, I’m so pissed right now.
Whilst Spencer was at the hospital with Ahren, I stayed home with Ethan, I wanted to keep busy {this mama not good with hospitals, especially when my child is in one}, so I made some coastal themed art work for the boys room.
I had some canvases which were painted nice shades of blue.
painted canvas
And some scrapbook paper which to me seemed more than coastally appropriate.
scrapbook paper
I took a walk around the house, having a look at some of the coastal themed bits we have to get some inspiration.
lighthouse sailboat and drfitwood
The boys especially love the ‘feature wall’ in the bathroom, from which I probably got most of my inspiration.
coastal themed bathroom wall art
sailing boats
fishing boat
Once I had an idea of what I wanted I cut out pieces from scrapbook paper, arranged them how I liked, and using a glue stick and sticky foam pads I stuck the pieces down.
I didn’t adhere the entire area of the seagulls and boat sails, these pieces I folded slightly upwards to give a little 3-D pop!
sails      paper seagulls
I made one with beach huts with bunting strung between the two.
scrapbook paper beach huts and bunting
On the other one I made a lighthouse sat on rocks with a sailboat.
scrapbook paper lighthouse and sailing boat
Hopefully I will get them up on the wall in the boys room tomorrow.
I’m off to calm my nerves with a handful of Tooty Frooties.


  1. ouch! poor little guy. poo on that little culprit's parents. i'm sure they're the type that if one of your boys did it to them, they'd be talking lawsuits.

    i love how those canvasas came out. so much better with the 3d aspect. will you link this up on tuesday if you get time?

  2. I love your canvas work, definitely Coastal and very pretty. But your poor little boy, what a horrible thing to happen. I guess that's what children do but the parent's reaction (or lack of) is appalling. I'm not surprised you're angry!
    Have a Lovely week though, and I hope the sun has made an appearance today.

  3. What?! I hope at least the boy's dad apologised. Hopefully the scar will fade with time and if not it will be one of those "war wounds" men like to brag about.

    Love the canvases. Off to have a nose around your blog.

    Madison xxx

  4. Oh what a shame, poor wee thing. That is the reason I hate playparks, kids have no manners and their parents don't care. I don't know the amount of times my two have been waiting patiently for a turn on something and some kid has just shoved in front - grrr!

    Love your canvases, they are gorgeous!


  5. Oh no.. poor little guy! Uggh.. kids are great.. such a shame they have to have crappy parents to raise them!
    You artwork turned out beautiful and I am soo glad you had something sweet for your little guy when he got home!
    Hospitals are awful.. take it from this Momma.. we have spent atleast 9 days in the hospital between my two boys and I don't mean for their deliveries!

  6. ouch! poor thing! I have no idea how people can be so insensitive! I'm sorry your babe had to go through that.
    You did great work under your duress! Love the new bathroom additions!

  7. I love the scrappy lighthouse one! It's perfect for a little boy's room, I think.

  8. Awe, poor baby. Poor you! Hi Amanda, I'm Connie at, a new GFC friend. I would love it if you would stop by and be my friend, too.
    I love every bit of the "sea" theme. It all looks great. Thanks for sharing. I hope your little fellow is ok. And that scar should fade in time.


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