Conscientious Crafting

I’ve been wondering about something for a while, so I’m just going to put it out there ask you guys and gal’s…..
What do you do with everything you make / revamp /  repurpose?
I know some of you sell on what you create, awesome, and some of you repurpose what you have made, but, what happens to the rest?
I can almost imagine homes all over the place with a spare room / loft or basement fit to bursting with wreathes, banners, frames, mason jars, cushions etc.!
Having been a reader of blogs and a blogger for over a year now, I have seen the seasonal and holiday changes we crafty ladies like to add to our homes, which is wonderful.
But I’ve been kind of wondering about what happens with the old stuff, do last years wreathes get tossed in the bin or are any embellishments' removed from the wreath base and its used again and again?
Are cushion covers which no longer co-ordinate with the decor left in a linin closet, or repurposed into something else?
Furniture pieces which are no longer being used for their initial purpose, are they consigned to the garage or found a new role in the home?
Are unfinished projects left to collect dust or are they unpicked and used to create something new?
I’m not having a dig at anyone who likes to craft with new things, different strokes for different folks and all that jazz!
I’m just genuinely wondering, are we crafting responsibly or could we perhaps make a few changes, ones that could save us some pennies whilst being considerate to the environment.
Here are some ideas for those unwanted craft bibs and bobs
  • I give a lot of things to my niece, children are always grateful for any craft supplies you can offer
  • Enquire as to whether an after school club or similar would be interested in some items
  • Use them as teaching aides, craft items are great learning tools, from counting and colour sorting with buttons to motor skills with scissors and scrap paper
  • If age appropriate pass items on to your kids, great for rainy days stuck indoors
  • Look for another purpose for it around the home; last year I gave this  little table a revamp, now the boys are in shoes we needed something bigger to store them in and this became redundant, this little table now resides in the bathroom hosting loo rolls and candles.
  • Take it apart and start something new. My snazzy balloon bunting, to make some of the balloons I took apart some of the small mug rugs I made (much too small for coffee and cake).
  • I have a HUGE problem with scrap fabric, as in I keep almost each and every piece. Random odds and ends are great for testing out new stitches on my machine and for the kids to play with, tiny pieces like this make great stuffing for small sewing projects like this. Larger pieces are great for patchwork projects,  the balloon bunting and these mug rugs were made using some scrap fabric.
  • Sell on ebay, cragslist etc
  • Host a craft evening with your friends, swap for something you need
Perhaps next time we are about to hit the craft store we should have a look at what we already have and see what we can do with it, shop within our own home.

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    1. Amanda, what a great post! I've wondered the same thing, also. Anything I make usually gets grabbed up by my kids or friends. Sometimes if I made something last year, I'll start picking it apart to make it look new again. Thank you so much for linking up to It's a Party!

    2. I've wondered the same thing! When I make things I tend towards smaller-sized projects, and things that I really need or want (like cushions or jewellery!) With other things I try to make them so that I can take them apart again at a later date!

      A craft evening to swap things is a really great idea! I know a few people into crafting so sooner or later might have to organise a little crafty party! :D

    3. This is a great post! I really want to make a kids kitchen set and donate it to the daycare my friend works at. I'm also getting ready to deliver a bunch of bedtime packages my friends and family and I have made up for kids at the homeless shelter, it's on my blog if you'd like to check it out.. Thanks for some great tips!

    4. I have wondered the same thing, I think that is why I mostly make cards, gifts for folk and things to wear! I do have a wreath that is seasonal but every wreath is based on a vine wreath and everything is tied on to it so I can reuse it for every season. My Christmas wreath is always a fresh one and it gets composted!

      Any supplies I have but don't use get sold on ebay and any I need get bought (mostly) second hand, unless it is card then it is recycled where possible:)


    5. I don't make a lot of the fun projects I see other bloggers make because they either cost for supplies or I don't have a practical purpose for it. I also remake my crafts--say, a wreath I made a year ago gets redone for a new season or something. Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog the other day!

    6. You ask very good question. I'm not nearly as crafty as many who blog, although I love to see what they come up with. My favorites are those that re-use something they already have. That's what I tend to do. If there's something I no longer want, I either donate it or give it to Goodwill or a similar organizaton. Sometimes our church will notify us of projects in the community that can use supplies, which is a good way to get rid of leftovers.


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