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Last year I shared with you this post on the Kids Cleaning Kits I made for our boys.
cleaning bucket
Since then, the various activities around the home that boys like to be involved in has changed. As our trust in them to be a little more responsible with certain things has grown and their increased interest and enthusiasm to be a bit more independent made me realise that the check lists needed updating.
These are all tasks that the boys can and do help with, I don’t expect them to do them all everyday by themselves.
Kids Cleaning Check List
I must admit I’ve been surprised at just how many jobs around the house the boys like to be involved in, Ahren and I actually have arguments over who is doing the vacuuming, whilst Ethan likes nothing more than helping wash dishes!
Aren’t I a lucky mummy!
As the lists are laminated, the boys are able to put a mark next to whatever task they have done, great for showing to daddy when he gets home to show what helpful boys they have been.
I’m sure their enthusiasm won’t last, so I do intend to make the most of their willingness to get involved in keeping a somewhat tidy home.
The boys don’t get any treats for doing these things, tidying up after yourself has always just been something you do as far as I’m concerned. If they have done really well they might get a little something, but its not a given. {Does that seem mean?}
Each task is something either their daddy and I want them to take responsibility for; keeping their bedroom tidy and putting away their art supplies or something the boys have actually asked to be allowed to do  such as helping with laundry and vacuuming the carpets.
I want to clarify that the boys are never forced to do any chores, they are never left unattended whilst doing these chores and they are NEVER allowed to use and cleaning solutions other than their spray bottles of water and a dash of washing up liquid!
If you want to see the original post about the cleaning kits you can find it here.
You can print your own Cleaning Check List here.
Once printed, you can either fold the page in half and laminate or cut the two lists out, place back to back and then laminate. Your child can use a Sharpie or similar to mark off what they have done, these can easily be rubbed off for the next day.
This type of chore list is ideal if you don’t want or don’t have room for them to be displayed on the walls, once finished with the kits and lists are stored with the laundry supplies for next time.
Happy cleaning!
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  1. Fab idea! I'm going to steal your idea and do this with my son.

    Madison xxx


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