Rain Drops In April ~ Mummy Goes Crazy


1 mummy


copious amounts of coffee


2 boys


outside playtime


A mummy about to stagger, weeping to a comfy armchair ready to admit defeat!

My kids kicked my arse today.

The little nut jobs were up and bouncing around by 6am, they no longer nap {insert sob here} and haven’t stopped ALL DAY LONG.

rain drops on monday

Just to top my day off, it has rained ALL DAY LONG.

I would have chucked them out in the garden to play in the puddles, but they are going through a ‘nekkid’ phase. It’s one thing them running around showing their little butt cheeks to the world when its sunny, not sure I’d be winning any awards if I let my kids run around showing off their bums in the rain.

rain drop

So we have been trapped indoors all day, if I hear the alphabet song, see another Matters Tall Tales or stand on another building block I shall go bat arse crazy!

I love my kids to the moon and back, but I’m so glad it’s their bed time now and I can get some rest, so I can start it all again tomorrow.

Hopefully not before 6am!

And to top off my day, I just fell down the stairs, my arm and bum are going to be so bruised and sore in the morning.


  1. Poor you! Maybe a glass of wine would help you relax - and you won't feel any pain!

  2. Ahh Maters Tall Tales, think I know them off by heart:) We had loads of days like your during the school hols, and I wonder why I have grey hairs!!

    Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow and hoping you are not too bruised...!


  3. I have definitely had those days! Hopefully it will be sunny tomorrow and you can all get out to run around. Hoping your boys get a good night's rest and decide to sleep in a bit tomorrow morning!

  4. Oops. Here's hoping they sleep through the night .. and you're not suffering yourself in the morning!

  5. Ha ha aha! You crack me up.. bat arse crazy may be my new favorite saying!
    Hope it clears up tomorrow so those nekkid butts can get some sunshine and mummy can have some sanity time too!

  6. Bless your heart!!! I now have 2 lil nekked voodoo type dolls, sleeping soundly & when NOT sleeping, playing quietly. I KNOW they are playing quietly because I put duck tape on the lil dolls mouths!!! It took all I had to NOT bind their hands & feet, I am NOT a monster!!!! They DO still need to play, after all!!!! Have a GREAT tomorrow! Chelle

  7. poor gal. is it the rainy season for your right now? or just the day? you got some gorgeous pictures though.... what'd you end up doing?

  8. Oh Amanda, poor you. Flipping kids. Here's hoping they're not quite as hyper active tomorrow.

    I can't believe you've fallen over AGAIN. Get some rest, lovey. xx


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