Ric Rac Paper Garlands ~ Boredom Buster!

Do you ever just need to ‘do something’, nothing huge, just something to keep you busy.
Well, that was me Friday night, I wanted needed to do something and , and ended up cutting out a bunch of circles from different coloured card.
Saturday evening I decided to use the circles to make a paper garland, couldn’t let them go to waste!
So grabbing my glue gun, glue stick and some ric rac I ended up with 3 pretty ric rac paper garlands.
Each ‘paper ball’ is made from 2 halves, these halves are made from 2 circles folded in half and glued together.
2 folded dots
I sandwiched the ric rac between 2 halves with some hot glue.
cardstock ball
Before I knew it I had 3 pretty paper garlands strung above the fire place, not bad for something which started off as something to keep boredom at bay!
yellow ric rac paper garland
pink ric rac paper garland
blue ric rac paper garland
paper garland

Time for a random question
Why hasn’t the freezer compartment have an alarm like the refrigerator section?
Seems to me that it’s more likely that you will leave the freezer door ajar due to not shutting the drawers properly!
Ahh well, hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


  1. cute garlands amanda! yeah--I don't get bored, I find it hard to believe you have time to be bored!!!

  2. Amanda, so simple yet bloody brilliant. I love it and will have to copy!

  3. How cute!! LOVE ric-rac and your garland is great. I would love it if you would be willing to share with us at our party going on now-Monday. Thanks


  4. I love it! I'm a huge fan of my glue gun and try to hot glue everything. MY husband says I have a sickness. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  5. This is an excellent post on garlands. It's having good description regarding this topic.


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