Teaching Our Children Manners

I’ve been wondering for a while now just what is happening to our kids and their lack of manners. Ahren being pushed over and the kid not even apologising has really been the last straw.

I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this, maybe all it needs is a gentle reminder, after all, good manners cost nothing and can make all the difference to both yours and someone else's day.

I made this sweet little reminder to put up in the boys playroom, we will be going over these until they are second nature to them.

I don’t want my children to be the cause of someone else’s child ending up in hospital having their head glued shut!

Click HERE to print your own!

Obviously these aren’t the only manners I want my kids to have, but they are a good start!

How do reinforce good manners in your children?

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  1. I love this , i though i posted a comment yesterday but i didnt :( i think maybe adults havent been thought with good manners, always trying to get the first spot in the line or pushing to get spmewhere... I guess some times adults need children to teach tem manners... Im mexican, living in mexico, and a while ago a lady in a public hospital was pushing me trying to be first on line... I was 8 months pregnant, she did not care, the nurse asked who was first and i said me... She was so angry at me that i thought she would hit me.... And i started laughing.. Because when i get nervous that happens to me... So i had to go with the nurse so i wouldnt be next to her... But i know, we have to learn manners so we can manage this kind of things when we are older....

  2. I'm sorry about all my bad orthography and grammar maybe i just my english and besides i'm writing from my phone...

  3. Your manners printable is great! Such a great idea too.

    Unfortunately, you are right...manners have really disappeared in society. I work at a school and I see the lack of manners everyday. Heaven knows we try our best at school to teach the students some manners! I often wonder if the parents are to blame for not reinforcing it, or at least gently reminding their children. I guess constantly hearing it helps.

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for coming to visit my blog, I would love to know if you made the cinnamon roll pancakes! They are quite tasty and I think your kids would love them, who doesn't like pancakes?

    I could not agree more with your thoughts on manners...so many children these days have none. Which is sad because their parents were surely from a generation where if you did not use your manners you got a bop on the head.

    Have a great night, Elizabeth

  5. Im thinking you need to make a few extra 'manners' posters & post 'em down by the sea!!!!! I was born & raised in Southern CA. It wasn't til my daughter was 7 or 8, my DH was x-fered to S Carolina. BOY, what a culture shock! All 3 of us started saying Ma'am & Sir to everyone!! I was saying "Yes Ma'am" to girls @ the market 10-15 years younger than me! This made a HUGE impact on my lil one & to this day she gets compliments on her manners. She is in the USAF & her attitude has helped her a LOT!!! C'mon parents, step it up & BE a better example to your children!!! Sorry, got a lil carried away! I won't hesitate in public to say something if I see it isn't right!
    Thanks for letting me rattle on!!!!
    I am very sorry about your lil one!!! Have a much better week!!!
    Chelle - kweenbee_612@yahoo.com

  6. We are sticklers for manners! Love this printable - thanks for sharing!

  7. This is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. I liked your manners printable - thanks!

  9. this is cute and serves as a great reminder. i still can't believe that happened with him. i would think that the kid would've realized what happened...

  10. Thanks so much for the visit and nice comments! I love this printable and I do believe that manners do start with all of us!

  11. Lovely! It's so nice to see someone taking a stand against the lack of manners in society. It's a real shame that being decent is disappearing! It doesn't cost anything to be polite but makes such a difference. Good for you - and I hope your little one is ok now after being pushed over. x

  12. Wonderfully put and such a great design! I'm saving this, even if I don't have kids yet - it will certainly be helpful! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my little balcony make-over!

  13. I love it! The colors are great. I need one of these for my classroom. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.


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