Broken Umbrella ~ Garden Bunting

Last week the kids and I finally got fed up of being stuck indoors watching the rain so I shoved the kids out side armed with umbrellas and mittens { I did try to convince them to put their rain jackets on, but apparently  mittens are suffice, there really is no reasoning with them }
boys in the rain
So the kids are outside screaming at the raindrops, as you do, each with their own brolly, doing their thing.
And this happens……
broken umbrella
My favourite umbrella gets snapped in half.
After a suitable period of mourning, I’m real fussy about umbrellas, I decided I couldn’t just throw it away, it has polka dots after all!
Having thought about it for a wee while, I decided that I would use it to make some bunting for the garden, it is after all waterproof so wont go manky in the rain, hurrah!
open broken umbrella
After letting it dry, I then snipped the cotton ties which hold the fabric to the frame.
snipping cottons on the umbrella
I then unscrewed the top stopper thingy which separated the frame and fabric, once it was all separated I cut out each segment  of the fabric.
a very broken brolly
useless brolly
Using a template I drew as many flags as I could on each piece of fabric, then cut them out.
bunting flags on brolly fabric
I must admit, I’ve never thought of ironing an umbrella, and to be honest I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you are using THE LOWEST possible setting.
bunting flags
I really did not want to even think about sewing this fabric, so I used my trusty hot glue gun to attach each flag to some cotton tape.
I then popped outside { Got the fright of my life from the boys banging on the window when they should be asleep } and strung the bunting up.
brolly bunting
Something pretty to look at whilst doing the dishes at the kitchen sink.
kitchen window
Ohhh talking of pretty things to look at whilst doing the washing up, do you like my little collection of VW cars?
vw cars and campers
Teeny tiny cuteness.


  1. That's such a good idea! It looks fab! I got rid of a couple of broken umbrellas a while ago (in the recycling of course!) and now I wish I'd held on to them!

  2. that looks so cute! i've meant to make bunting for forever and really need to get to it. polka dots are so happy, aren't they? and your VW collection is darling! happy mother's day x2! (from the U.S.)

  3. Amanda, is there no end to your amazing creativity? The idea of using brolleys as bunting is officially THE BEST IDEA EVER. Shame all my brolleys are boring black. I've got one very battered tin VW camper van which I pinched from Jim's car stash that he had when he was a little boy.

    Btw, glad you got through the weekend without any injury to your lovely self! xx

  4. What a super idea! It's perfect fabric for outside. I'm a sucker for polka dots too.:)

  5. Cuter than cute! I love how you chose to re-use every available pretty piece of fabric!

  6. This is sooo stinking adorable.. the polka dots are just perfect! Thanks so much for sharing .. see you tomorrow! P.s. I just love your vw colloection!

  7. this was a top clicked link! featuring it tomorrow :)


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