Fabric Garland ~ How to Stop Birds Getting In Your House!

Did I mention last year that a BIRD flew into our house and got stuck behind the sofa?

Well one did, the poor thing flew in through the open doors and got all confused, I doubt the screaming woman running around flapping her arms in the air {that was me} nor the two kids shrieking and jumping like loons helped Bertie find his way back outside.


Once we established that the bird couldn’t free himself from the sofa and neither Ahren or Ethan were prepared to {man up} and free the bird it was down to me to pull on my big girl knickers and help the little guy out.

Eventually I helped Bertie back outside and have been worried silly of it happening again.

With baby birdy season in full swing I wanted to something in the doorway to put the little blighters off  from flying through the open doors. Taking into account hubbys height and the fact the kids can jump, I only had a little bit of room to hang anything, grrr those pesky tall people!

strung up flower balls

Anyhoo, sifting through my fabric scraps I decided a garland would be ideal, and what better than a 

summery flowery fabric puffball garland!

how to make a fabric puff ball

1 ~ Cut out a bunch of circles
2 ~ Fold them in half
3 ~ Fold in half again
4 ~ Thread a needle and poke the needle through the pointed end
{Repeat process again and again, I used about 18 or so for each puff ball}
5 ~ Once there are 18 or so all strung together thread the needle back through the pointed end of the first quarter circle, and pull the thread tight.
6 ~ Hopefully all the quarter circles will bunch together and form a puffy ball

fabric puff balls strung on to elastic

Once I had made up a whole bunch I threaded them on to a piece of elastic and strung them across the door way.

summer is here, fabric garland

I’m not sure how effective it will be, but it sure does look cute!

hanging in the blue sky, fabric garland

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  1. oh my! what an experience! this is cute, too!

  2. Looks very cute indeed. When I was still living at home we had a bird flying in, through the chimney! So not only was the poor bugger stuck inside our house, but there was SOOT allover the walls and ceilings. Oh man, was my dad in for a treat when he came home... uh oh ;-)

  3. Too cute! That would have completely freaked me out.

  4. Love this. I am so copying this! I think I will make them out of tissue paper and hang them under our tree for a party!
    Thanks for the inspiration

  5. Thanks so much for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday, I featured this on my blog today! Come stop by and grab a featured button :) http://www.mygirlishwhims.com/2012/06/your-whims-wednesday-62-and-features.html

  6. These are so cute! I'd love to try to make a garland like this for my wedding this summer. What size of circles did you cut out??


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