Fabric Issues ~ When it’s gone…

I never realised when I got into this sewing malarkey that fabrics had a life span, as in they are released, we fall in love with them, buy them, realise we want more then


they are all sold out




How come no one told me? Seriously, for a newbie to sewing this is a big deal. When you find the perfect pair of jeans, you buy more than 1 pair, because you know you wont find them AGAIN!

Its evidently the same with fabric, you see it, you like it you should buy what ever you can get your hands on {regardless of the odd looks you get from hubby}.

Like a doofus I didn’t realise, I found the perfect polka dot fabric, purchased some gorgeousness, realised that I needed {wanted} more, went to my  regular fabric store, and almost collapsed from shock.

Riley Blake Quite Contrary Red


Not a scrap left to be found, I have so far invested more time than would be considered sane, but I just can’t find any, anywhere.

I do realise it’s rather ridiculous to be even a little bit upset over this, especially over a polka dot print, heck they are EVERYWHERE after all!


But not all polka dots are equal, seriously, some are nicer than others, I don’t know if its because of the spacing between dots, or the size {maybe I have thought about this a tad much} but some just look morepolka dotty than others.

Riley Blake Quite Contrary Pink

But seriously, it should be made more obvious that these fabric lines aren’t reprinted all that often and once its gone its usually gone.

So, can anyone recommend any good polka dot fabrics, my eyes are going all boggly woggly!




  1. oh no! i even searched on ebay for you, but didn't find this type. not sure if they ship to you, but there is some here:


  2. Spoonflower.com they will make it for you...any design!

  3. Oh no, not good! Can't help I am afraid, I am still searching for the perfect navy and white polka dot silk, I am sure it does not exist!!


  4. Have you tried Etsy? I find some random fabric prints there sometimes.


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