Making a Blogger Header Using PicMonkey Collages ~ A How To!

I’m sure you all know by now that PicMonkey now has collages!

Which means we can now make some snazzy new blog headers, woohoo!

I decided to mess about with it and see what I could come up with,  naturally I thought I would share it with you guys, you are so welcome!

First up you need to go into the collage section of PicMonkey, here you will find a selection of different types of collage, you can even make your own!

creating a header in picmonkey

Decide which style you want to go with, for a blog header I think either ‘Ducks In a Row’ or ‘FB Cover’ work well.

choosing header style

I decided to go with ‘FB Cover’, using the curser you are able to adjust the size of each section to suit your needs. You can rotate the collages if you want something a little different, I’d suggest messing about with various options to find one you like.

adjusting settings

Clicking on the artist pallet takes you to {Background} here you can add colour, rounded corners and adjust the spacing of each segment. I added a blue shade to the entire collage.

adding photos and embelishments

The mountain image takes you to {Photos} which is where you upload your photos and embellishments. Click the ‘Upload photos’ button and it will take you to where your photos are stored on your computer {I’m assuming your photos are stored there!}.

Highlight the photos / images / embellishments you want to use on your blog header and click on the open button, they will appear in the grey column on the left hand of the PicMonkey screen.

You can upload more than you have spaces for, which is great if you want to try a few different combinations!

Simply click on the image you want and drag it across to where you want it and ‘drop’, if you don’t like it there either move it to another section or click on the ‘x’ and it will go back to the grey column.

save collage

Once you are happy with your blog header, hit save and save the image to your computer.

{This is the only downside, you can’t actually add text to a collage so you need to do it in 2 steps, no hardship really though!}

upload header to regular picmonkey

Upload you blog header in regular PicMonkey, here you have all the editing options to make your blog header stand out.

adding more embelishments

If you want to add some more photos / images / embellishments or even one of PicMonkeys overlays you can do that by clicking on the speech bubbles icon, this takes you to {Overlays}.

Use ‘Your Own’ option to upload images from your computer.

adding text to blog header

Once you are happy with any {Overlays} you have added you are ready to add some text.

The ‘P’ icon takes you to the list of fonts available to use {you can also upload letters from digital scrapbooking kits, subject to T&C}. Decide on the font you want, or even mix it up a little and add your text, you can change the size and colour of the text.

adding effects to blog header

Once you happy with your blog header you might want to add an {Effect} to the overall design. The potion bottle image takes you to the list of available {Effects} all of which you can tinker about with to suit your style.

I went for {Intrepid} which took the ‘shine’ off the overall header image.

save blog header 

Once you have your blog header the way you want it, save it, make sure you name it something easy to remember and save it somewhere you will remember! I’ve lost count of the number of times I haven’t taken notice of where I saved something, duh!


Next up you will want to upload your blog header to your blog, this is a simple process and you don’t need to host the image else where.

uploading blog header to blog

From your Blogger Dashboard you want to click on the {Layout} tab, you will see the section for the blog header towards the top of the page its called {Header}, click {Edit} to begin the process of adding your new header.

uploading header from computer to blog

Once the {Configure Header} window is open you are given two options to add your blog header, you want the first one {From your computer}, click on {Choose File}, you will then be able to select your blog header from where you saved it on your computer.

blog header uploaded to blog layout

Once selected, your blog header will appear in the {Configure Header} window.

Click save.

preview blog header

You then get the option to see a preview of your new blog header, if you are happy with it, click on the {Save Arrangement} tab, your new blog image is now saved and on your blog!

new blog header

I hope some of you found this useful, if you have any questions just ask and I will try to help!

If you found this useful you might also like this tip on linking to blog hops / parties and how to avoid the blue frog that can take the place of your image thumbnail!

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    1. I don't really know to be honest, but I can't see why not. I don't use Tumblr but I assume you can add your own headers!

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  12. I love this! But how do I make the background transparent like the one you have now?

    1. Mine isn't actually transparent, I just used a white background in the Blogger template to make it all blend together, I cheat on these things where ever I can!

      On you can choose a transparent option when making collages, the option is also available on Picmonkey collages.

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