Making My Craft Space Pretty {for now}

I finally made a start on sorting out my craft desk, up until about an hour ago, it was really just a place to dump things somewhat craft related.
Seriously, it was bad.
A while ago, it looked like random people walked past and dumped all the crap they didn’t want, I would show you photo but you would most likely think I was a filthy craft stash hoarder.
It also prompted me to pretty up the space, starting of with a little house frame thingy that hubby got me last year.
It is actually rather small, here it is with my mini wooden spools, teeny tiny!
little wooden house frame
All I did was paint it white, then pop in some different pieces of scrapbook paper.
I hung it on the wall above my desk.
house decorated with paper
I liked it, but there was something bothering me about two of the pieces of paper, so I switched them out.
switched papers
super cute
Now I have something pretty to look at whilst I’m pondering just what to do first on my never ending list of things to do!
My Craft Space
There is just one small problem with having a nice clean craft desk, I don’t want to mess it up!
Seriously, how do people keep craft desks / spaces clean and tidy, it seems like an impossible dream!


  1. Amanda, your craft space looks beautiful! So light and lovely, organized and inspiring. Love the little house shelf you embellished.


  2. I'm so jealous of your beautiful space! So organized and full of light! I have my great grandmother's sewing machine and desk, which are probably 30 or 40 years old. The sentimental value is forcing me to hold on to them (and the fact that the sewing machine works like a charm!), but I get the itch every now and then to upgrade!

  3. Your craft room looks great! It's so nicely organized. I love what you did to that little's so pretty!

  4. that is so stinkin' cute! so cute! so cute! and it sooo fits your style! would love it if you linked it up to my party today!

  5. Very pretty. Love the soft colours and the patterns of the papers.


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