Putting Baby in the Corner ~ Or Trying Too!

Despite what everyone say’s, I went {there}.

I tried to put baby in the corner.

Seems no one is taking my attempts at discipline seriously {not even me}.

During my too numerous to mention attempts at disciplining my wayward kids I have resorted to 3 of the techniques my  parents and grandparents used when I was a kid, once in a while I got caught misbehaving, unbelievable I know!

{Go to your room}

This one was bad! It always got dished out on the sunniest days when you wanted to go outside, and we didn’t have a TV in our room, this was a total suck fest.

The other week I was really ticked off at something the boys were doing, most likely involving wee, pants and felt tip pens, after trying for the billionth time to get them to behave I went all mean mama and told them

‘If you don’t start behaving right now you will be going up to your bedroom until its time to wake up tomorrow morning.’

‘Yeah, our bedroom, wooo’

‘No! Your not supposed to want to go up, it isn’t a good thing’

‘We can bounce on the beds Ahren, yeaaaaa’

‘Let’s go up stairs mummy, come on’

‘No! You can’t go upstairs if you want to go up, its a punishment, be punished!’

I then screamed in a totally frustrated no one listens to me I’m storming off in a huff kinda way.



{Wait until your father gets home}

Now this one always scared the bejinkos out of me as a kid, cause you know by the time the ‘story’ of what you had ‘allegedly’ done got to your dad it had somehow got embellished from a typical

‘Amanda and little sister were fighting again, she locked Amanda  in the wardrobe so Amanda  kicked the door clean off the hinges! They then had a scrap and little sister got her claws out and scratched Amanda until she bled, girls will be girls!’

to a

‘Amanda locked herself the wardrobe kicked the doors off the hinges then went all doolally and yanked a clump of hair out her little sisters head! I think she must have scratched herself on the broken doors’

I had been saving this doozy for when the boys inevitable were NAUGHTY, naughty in such a way that I would be so mad I had to pass the dealing with it to hubster or I would have lost it with them, the day Ethan climbed on the dresser and then attempted to jump off seemed the ideal opportunity to test out this beauty.

‘Ethan Hale MD, what on earth are you doing up there you silly silly boy’

‘I’m climbing mummy’

No Ethan, we do not climb furniture, now get down from there. No!!! Don’t jump! You climb down the same way you got up.’

‘Can I jump mummy, please?’

‘No! Back the way you came.’


He then shimmies back across the dresser, climbs over to the bookshelf, lowers himself on to the arm of the sofa, jumps on to the sofa and bounces on to the floor.

‘Ethan you must not climb on the arm of the sofa or the bookshelf or the dresser, do you understand? It is dangerous, if you had fallen off you would have hurt yourself and mummy doesn’t want you going to hospital AGAIN!’

‘Can I climb up mummy?’

‘No Ethan you can not, go outside in the garden and play, shoo shoo’

5 minutes or so later

‘Mummy!! Mummy mummy mummy, look at meeeeeeeeeeeee’

‘ETHAN! Get down get down GET DOWN’

‘Sorry mummy’

‘You will be, I told you not to do this, you wait until your daddy gets home, he will be very upset with you doing this’

‘Yippy daddy’s coming home, yeah! Where’s daddy?’

Lots of clapping and smiles from the boys

‘Hurrah we’re going to see daddy, daddy daddy daddy, yeah’

‘No it is not yippy! Daddy will tell you off! He will not be happy with you, this is not supposed to be happy time!’

‘What’s happy time?’

‘What the..! Oh my gawd, you kids are just …… urgh, I give up!’



{Stand in the corner}

My granddad was AWESOME, he made the BESTEST EVER bacon sandwiches, but as an award winning gardener he was STRICT AS HECK with the plants in his garden.

 {When my mum was a little girl her and her brother weren’t even allowed to play on the grass!}

I think I snapped the branches off one of his prize winning geraniums or something and was told to stand in the corner by the front door for like 10 minutes or so, which sucked as the umbrella stand was there too, and no matter how many times you got the hoover and sucked up the little ick monsters there was ALWAYS  a spider, so yeah, I did not like this at all.

After the umpteenth time of telling Ahren to leave the black trim rubber thingy on the patio doors ALONE,  I snapped

‘Ahren you leave that alone right now’

‘No mummy’

‘Ahren, leave it alone’

{he doesn’t leave it alone}

‘Right that is it, stand in the corner’

{he starts laughing, then I start laughing, then hubby starts laughing and all is lost}

I tried {and failed} to put baby in the corner …..

This whole disciplining malarkey is HARD!

They are at that age when they pretty much understand right from wrong, are testing boundaries but don’t quite get the whole  consequence aspect of their behaviour.

What do you do?

Any tips or suggestions for a mama who is days away from going {bat arse crazy} AGAIN!


  1. Well, I would suggest watching a few dozen episodes of The Nanny. It is hard having a toddler, and getting them to listen and understand. However, they understand WAY more than we think they do. The one thing I have found with my daughter, is being consistent. If I am going to use time out as a discipline, then I need to always use it, and make her stay there, not get up early. It is hard, but I think the end result is worth it. (at least I hope so!)

  2. my thoughts are scattered, so going to number
    1. it's going to take some time
    2. you have to stick with it
    3. even if they get upset with you, they will still love you
    4. when they do something that's undesirable:
    a. remind them of the rule "we don't climb on dressers because it's not safe.
    if you want to climb, we will go to the park and you may climb on the
    b. give a warning using "if...then" statements {shows clear consequences} "this
    is your warning. if you choose to mess with the door again, you will sit on
    the bench"
    c. designate a time-out chair/bench. if they disobey again, "you disobeyed
    mommy and didn't follow the rule of no hitting. you will sit on the bench
    for 2 minutes {1 minute per year}. they will likely get up...several times.
    each time they get up, tell them, "you need to sit on the bench for time-out."
    again, this will take time. be assertive, but don't yell. stay calm. it's
    taken us up to an hour to get this accomplished sometimes, but after a few
    times, they learn that you're going to stick to your word. if you give up,
    they will learn that all it takes is continued pushing and you'll give in.
    d. once they sit, every 30 seconds, give positive reinforcement. "mummy likes
    how you are sitting nicely. your time is almost over.
    5. avoid waiting until daddy comes home. by then, they've likely forgotten their wrong-doing and will not connect the consequences with their actions.
    6. when all else fails...let the consequences happen or cause them to happen. obviously, i'm not saying let them do something unsafe. but if they are misusing a toy, sometimes allowing it to break, will teach that they must be careful with their toys. sometimes a gentle reminder is needed "if we are destructive with our toys, they will break. then mummy will have you throw it away
    7. stay calm, stay calm, stay calm. smart as they are, they will know how to get a rise out of you. they aren't being manipulative, just exploring the parent-child dynamic.
    8. provide positive activities. you already do this :) if you're needing to clean the kitchen, give them their darling buckets and let them "help"
    9. know that i'm just an email away. i'm not an expert, but do have a well-mannered 16 to show for it :)


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