Re~thinking This Blog Malarkey

The other night the hubster and I were having a chat about my blog, if I remember correctly he described it as

“a hodgepodge of disorganised ramblings”

{these may not be the exact words, but close enough}

After I gave him a stern nipple tweak {not the nice kind, if there actually is such a thing!} I had a very lady like strop and admitted there maybe just the tiniest smidge of truth in what he was saying. 

He then went and dug a deeper hole for himself by telling me if the blog was a bit more structured and organised, he’d read it more!! 

What the bajinkos!?

Seriously, I was pissed enough to poke him in the eye, but I didn’t, he had asked me to stop doing that a while ago, apparently ‘It hurts’.

I must admit that what he said did get me thinking, I started this blog with no real plans or intentions for its future. I still have no real idea what I’m doing but I’ve decided to try something a little different, I’m going to try adding a bit of structure and planning to my blog. Nothing major or whatever, you guys all know the kind of stuff I ‘write’ about, I’m just going to be a bit more grown up in my approach to all this.

Hmmm, now I suppose I should think about what I’m going to be posting!

But before I skedaddle I just have to share some photos of the cute fabrics I got this week, a bit different to what I usually go for, but I decided to try something new!

strawberry patchwork fabric

polka dots and tags

ballet fabric


  1. ohmigoodness! never a dull moment around here...

  2. O-Muh-Gosh!!!!Men!! Gotta love em cuz ya just can't shoot em!!! Well ya can but I don't suggest it unless you want a R.E.A.L long time to "pee alone"!!! I am glad you are trying to reorganize tho. Maybe I'll learn sumpin, huh? You clean this place up real good now Missy so's I can learn!!! You're so funny!! TFS Chelle

  3. There's nothing wrong with ramblings! I like ramblings. You get to know the blogger that way, otherwise you'd be another one of those professional bloggers and there are way too many of them. You know the ones who spout on about their perfect life, perfectr family and perfect home. I like reading them too but there are times when I want to vom when I read them. IYKWIM! ;0)

    Madison xxx

  4. Wow, I defy anyone's husband to make a comment about his beloved's blog (other than a positive one of course!) very dare he! I guess he is probably just a teensy bit right about a blog requiring structure, not that I'm saying yours doesn't but I'm think mine doesn't either!


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