Say What? ~ Comments Parents of Twins “Love” to Hear

Apparently becoming a parent opens you up for random strangers to comment on your



sex life

life style

basically EVERYTHING and anything you consider private is open for everyone to comment on, whether you like it or not.

You don’t even want to get me started on what happens when you become pregnant, the girl who asked to ‘borrow’ {she wasn’t even joking} my hubster once she found out I was expecting twins, almost got slapped into next week.

The woman who loudly declared ‘Goodness me, you are HUGE’ in the middle of a busy book store, I was like 8 months pregnant with TWINS, I’m 5’2” on a tall day and raging hormones, she was lucky I cried and didn’t go all ‘Are you seriously calling me fat?’.

Ahren, perfect shot

Anyhoo, today we got another one of those random comments, which I really just don’t know what to do with, here are some of most common we get when out with our kids

Twins eh! You do look as though you were up all night.

Oh, twins! Double trouble eh?

Did you want two?

Do you like / love one more than the other?

Are they natural?

Twins! Well done!

Mine are only 12 / 14 / 16 months apart, I know exactly what its like with twins.

Ohh, like buy one get one free!

I was a twin, she died, I never really liked her.

We try not to take it all too seriously, we get that people can be a little interested in twins, but sometimes we’re left thinking

‘Did they really just say that, seriously, what the heck!’

Normally we just do that odd head bop / tilt which translates as so many different responses depending on the situation, or chuckle in a nervous way whilst trying to hurry away from the odd person taking way to much interest in our kids, but sometimes, we just want to say

‘Dude! Seriously think about what you just asked us, now bugger off’

{Yes, I use dude as an exclamation. And I love the saying bugger off, if you change the off to orf it’s even more fun to say, try it now,

bugger orf

see, fun! And not to rude, but just a little sterner than ‘go away’, almost Downton Abbey~ish}

Do you ever get asked daft questions or hear ridiculous comments about your children?

ethan in a basket

Random photos of my boys, but ohmygoshness they are cute!


  1. We get things like WOW 8 kids, don't you own a TV? and are you catholic?
    Drives me nuts but you get used to it :)

  2. As far as i knew when i was pregnant the doctpr said it ws a baby girl... So when we found out it was a he and not a she it was hard... I loooove my baby boy but i had this feeling for my little girl for four months... So what i got was.. "Oh is a boy? Oh well.".. Or "it could be worst" ooooor "well what can you do", WHAAAAAAAT????...

  3. My craziest comment came from a family member! I had a girl and then a boy. When we decided to to have a third, this unnamed family member said.. "Why did you try for a 3rd when you already have one of each. Is it because you wanted to be like your mother?" Seriously.. like I had would have 3 kids just because my mom had 3 kids..

  4. I say "bugger off" all the time; I owe it to Masterpiece Theater. People can be such idiots! When I was pregnant with my second child, my UNCLE actually said to me, "WOW! I can see that your marriage is going GREAT!" What I wanted to say, but didn't, was: "All you know for sure is that I've had sex twice. BUGGER OFF!" ;)

  5. We have a four year old daughter and are asked ALL the time if we think its timme for her to have a sibling, especially by people who know that we have fertility issues and miscarried two before her. Its one of those things I guess. We are trying for another, and hoping for multiples this time, mainly because of the cost of fertility stuff, so if that happens I am sure that we will hear some of the same stuff. I just figure its something different and unique so people are interested.
    Your boys are darling by the way!

  6. and i thought the comments people made to me were bad! wowsa!

  7. I swear. People think they can say the stupidest things when it comes to babies. My grandma so sweetly wrote to me recently "I can't believe you had a baby that big (she was 8 lb 3 oz), you were always so skinny." My friend and her husband adopted a child from China and she is asked all the time if it's her "real" child (when her non Asian husband is not around). She always says with a smile, "Of course she's my real child."


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