Scrabble Tiles ~ Teaching My Kiddos ABC’s

I’ve never played Scrabble!


I purchased my first Scrabble board last year.

I may or may not { depending who you speak to } have accidentally set fire to it when I accidentally left it on top of the stove.

Which I had accidentally left on.


Roll on a year later { today } the fire is out and I have a bag of Scrabble tiles and no board.

scrabble tiles

Whilst we were stuck indoors AGAIN on another gloriously rainy day we busted out the Scrabble tiles and began messing around making up words and sorting out the letters in to various groups.

its raining again

It then struck me that these little alphabet filled tiles could be ideal for helping the boys understand more about the alphabet. They already know their ABC's but I thought of a few different ways we could make this whole learning malarkey fun!

I knocked up a few printables { click on the headers if you want copies } the boys and I can use to help with their spelling, sorting, counting and colours.

Once I printed them, I laminated them so we use them again and again. 

add the missing letters

spelling numbers

spelling colours

Who’d have thought these little tiles could be so useful!
I still want to play Scrabble, I think know I would kick hubbys arse, I know whole bunch more words than he does, some he insists aren’t even REAL, crazy fool!


  1. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying the bag of Scrabble tiles I saw at the car boot sale on Sunday. Doh!

    How about doing a phonics version? Using the order in which they will learn their letters and sounds at school. Look up phonics phases on t'internet.

    Oops, my Tiger Mum tendencies are showing!

    Madison xxx

  2. what a genius idea! i love it, you clever thing
    ooooops about the fire!
    love jooles x

  3. Joe and I are so competitive when it comes to scrabble. These are some great activities for the boys to incorporate their letters. Another great way to use them is to start incorporating the sounds that the letters make. Give them pictures of items and or some of their own toys and have them group them by the beginning sound and they attach the letter to that sound. I wish the parents of my students started working with their kids as early as you are. Way to go mama! Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  4. those printables are amazing! we love using items for things other than their intended purpose...and the accidentally leaving it on the stove..brilliant.

  5. Thanks for sharing, these are great! I think "orange" is misspelled on the colours page, though. Your poor kids might be very confused!


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