Sharing with the Neighbours……Again!


I’ve managed to survive another week, and I haven’t fallen over yay!

{still the weekend to go but I’m optimistic}!

Although Ahren did drop a box on my foot and split my toe open  ouchie, I wonder if I’m ever to make it through a week without injury!

Whilst I may have managed to avoid too much physical injury {I was on the phone when Ahren dropped the box on my foot, I’m so proud of myself for not using ‘those’ words or crying like a big girl}, I’m afraid that the damage done to my {already delicate} pride has reached a new low.

Never has this been so appropriate


I don’t actually remember the last time I had a pee in peace and quiet, its like one of those things you remember from life before kids, you know, hot coffee, sleep, definable waist, a tidy home…..

Any hoo, this week has been a total washout, it has rained everyday, and we have all gone a little crazy being stuck indoors most of the week, summer my arse, pah!

boys in the rain

With the boys painting in the living room I decided to risk going upstairs to the loo, stupidly thinking the kids would be okay for a few seconds without adult supervision.

boys painting

I had barely reached the bathroom when I could hear the boys running around looking for me

‘where is she?’

‘I can’t see her’


‘I’m upstairs’

‘Come down stairs mummy’

‘No, I’m in the bathroom’

‘Mummy, come down stairs’

‘I’m having a wee’


‘I’m having a weeeeeeeeee’

{By now I had finished my pee and was washing my hands but wanted a few seconds before seeing the paint job the boys had done in the living room}



At which point I realise all the upstairs windows are open and I’ve just announced to the neighbours I was having a pee, which isn’t all that weird or unusual, but something you don’t usually announce to random strangers from the window, much more appropriate to share on a  blog where it stays forever…..

I wonder if I will ever have an uneventful week again, although I’m not sure I would want uneventful!


  1. Amanda you are too funny. You do make me laugh. But oh no, not another accident prone mishap. Your poor tootsie. Plse get through this weekend without any more painful incidents. xx

  2. bwahahahahaha!!! you seriously crack me up! but that is true...

  3. PMSL! I wish I didn't know what you meant, but I can relate totally. My son likes to go one better and join me in the toilet. He pulls his step stool out, sits in front of me and reads me a story! Maybe I should start locking the toilet door?

    Madison xxx

  4. I can relate totally :) I sons (2 and 4 years old) sit in front the door waiting with the lego :)

    Happy Sunday


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