True Love ~ A Broom ~ Weed & Crack = Me Living the Dream!

He loves me.

He really truly loves me.

You know how I know this, he got me a present……

A broom!

new broom

Calm down ladies, he is taken!

Just to prove he really gets me, he said

‘You could add some bunting to it’

Wow, he totally gets me, he’s my lobster!

I’m such a lucky girl, this isn’t even the first broom I got this week, Ahren obviously making up for some naughtiness I haven’t yet figured out, presented me with this,

a little broom

with the words

‘Happy Valentines Day mummy. I got a surprise for you, a birthday broom, with one handle just the way you like it'

Not sure what to make of it all really, I keep the floors swept and clean as much as possible with 2 kiddos who seem to shed a ton of dust a day.

As lovely as the broom is, it did need jazzing up a little, so out came the spray paint!

spray painted broom



I think the boys have had {another} knock to the head or something, one of them placed the inserts of the foot spa like this


and said

‘It looks like mummy’

I added the face so you got more of an idea of what I supposedly look like!

What the heck!

If anything it looks like their daddy, whenever we draw a picture of him it looks something like this!


my lobster

A rather uncanny resemblance I’m sure you would agree!

{Before hubby reads this and gets his big boy pants all in a wodge, I should say that he also got the ridiculously funny ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened’  by Jenny Lawson and a huge roll of double sided sticky tape so I can make some fabric tape  ~ love the idea of washi tape, but the prices are crazy, oh and he got me a cream cake too, it was yumalicious}

sticky tape and book



I’m pleased to say that this week has probably been the least embarrassing for ages, hurrah!

Although crawling around on my hands and knees in the front garden the other day probably gave a few passer-by's a glimpse or two they didn’t need of my bum and or boobs { I was actually dressed, but vest and low slung jeans aren’t actually all that great for modesty if your crawling around }, but I’d rather think I may have made someone's day!

The reason for my crawling around in the garden, was to pick the pesky weeds which had grown in the cracks in the paving slabs, all very innocent, but when your kids who are apparently {helping} come out with gems like

‘Mummy why is there weed in your crack?’

‘Mummy, can I eat this weed?’

‘Look mummy, I can smell the crack, mmmm delicious’

I’m not sure if it makes it worse that the postman delivered a few parcels wrapped in brown paper whilst they were talking about crack.

They aren’t to know that weed is another term for marijuana and crack is either cocaine or your bum depending on who you are talking to.

Why on earth they chose that morning to drop the ‘s’ I don’t know, cause when ever they want cookies or whatever you can bet your bum they include the ‘s’ just so we know they ‘need’ more than one.


Of course none of this was as entertaining embarrassing as when Ethan comes strutting out the front door, hands on hips

{ do I even need to mention he had taken off his pants and trousers, nope, cause this is Ethan, its what he does }

he stands in the middle of the path and invites all and any random passer-by's to


Naturally he just had to give a little wiggle.

He knows how to make his mama proud!


Oh my cuteness!

Just as I’m writing this up, the boys come in from ‘gardening’ and Ethan presents me with this

broom in welly boots

‘I made you flowers mummy, just the way you like them’

Ahhh, how frickin’ cute is he?



  1. are hilarious!
    I love your silly, funny, goofy Family!
    Very Adorable....everyone!

  2. Where do you do your photo editing at? I used to use but they closed and I've been looking for another photo editing website.
    Have a GREAT Weekend!

  3. Your boys are hilarious! And your hubby got you some awesome pressies :)

  4. This was so fun to read! I totally relate with the broom gift!

  5. This really happened today; 2 14 2015; we have a horse rescue stables, 11 head horses and 4 donkeys right now,, so the new "broom" will come in handy. <3 Nothing says I LOVE you, like a NEW sports car, right?


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