Who’s Awkward & Embarrassing? ~ That would be me!

Well, today’s appointment with my doctor was not embarrassing at all!

Which of course means it was totally embarrassing, for me not the doc.

Once I got my new prescription sorted out, I asked about my knee..

‘I still have that lump on my knee, well I think I do, but now I can’t remember what my knee looked like before so I don’t know if its the lump or just my knee’

I then show her my knee, which she prods and declares

‘I think that is there permanently, it might go down over time’

‘Oh, okay, cool. Is it normal that my knees are blue?’

‘They are rather blue aren’t they! And your feet!’

‘I know!’

{Even to me, I sounded way too excited about my freakishly blue knees and feet, I’m going to rock Smurf Chic this summer}

‘How long has it been like this?’

‘Months. I’m just worried that I’ll end up like my dad, he lost some toes and was told that he would need his legs amputated. But it was fine, cause he died before they could cut his legs off’

{I then realise what I said, sorry dad, but he so would have got what I meant}

‘Not fine that he died! That wasn’t fine, that was crap, ohh sorry, that was bad. But good that they didn’t have to amputate his legs, he wouldn’t have liked that!’

{Shut up, shut up, shut up Amanda!}

‘Anyway should I be worried? Cause I can have a REALLY hot bath and when I get out my legs are still blue, and I know the water is REALLY hot, but it never really feels it, and I know when I get out a hot bath my legs should be red or at least pink, but not blue’


‘So, should I be worried? Or is the blue okay?’

{I’m then advised to book an appointment for Doopler test! Doc asks if I’m enjoying the sunny weather, as Brit’s we are obliged to have this conversation}


{Didn’t mean to shout at her but I really don’t like the heat}

‘I have old lady legs and menopausal hot flushes!’

{Hot flushes are a side effect from my meds}

We both kinda laughed in that awkward, ohmigod what is she on? / oh shut up Amanda she already thinks your a bit of an odd ball!

I thank her for the meds and shuffle off thinking

‘Well that could have been awkward!’

But no, awkward is when your waiting in line at the pharmacy to put your prescription in and your little boy singing out loud for everyone’s listening pleasure

‘Fe fi fo thumb

I want to tickle

mummy’s bum!’

{Oh my flippin’ heck}

I was torn between being proud, my boy is making up his songs! And hoping no one else heard because that could have been awkward to explain!

I thought I’d had my quota for awkward / inappropriate things being said today, but Ethan topped it off this afternoon.

The silly billy fell on to his bottom, he gets up and walks over to me, bends over and sticks his bum in the air.


‘Mummy, kiss my bum booboo better’

Classic, just classic.





  1. So, did you kiss it? :)

    At least your life isn't boring, right?

  2. ahaha! you could write a book with all of these funny moments in them :)

    ps. sorry if i peeved you off with my comment the other day

  3. Very funny post, made me chuckle x


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