Why I Love Being A Mummy To Twins ~ My Kids Are Awesome!!

From some of my previous posts it could be easy for people to get the wrong impression about the relationship between my kids and I.

There is no doubting they can be naughty, cheeky, frustrating little pickles BUT they are also the sweetest, nicest, most loveable little boys I could ever have hoped for.

For every poop in daddy’s shoe { that was funny } there are 10 loveable moments of sweetness which make it all worthwhile.

So, here are my favourite things about being a mummy to twin boys

1) Twice the number or kisses and cuddles

2) Twice the number of special moments, first steps, first words…..

3) Watching the unique & special bond grow between them

4) Learning to let go of the small things, a tidy home just isn’t possible

5) They think I’m a princess when I wear anything other than pj’s

6) Seeing the world for the first time again and again

7) Cuddles with one when the other is asleep

8) Laughing all day long at their crazy antics

9) Being able to goof around all day long

10) Getting to play with cars, trains and paint all day

I asked hubster for his input, he agreed with all the above other than the looking like a princess, personally I think he would make a lovely Princess Peach, his contribution to the list:

Outnumbering mummy 3 to 1 to watch Mythbusters

my boys

Ahhh, I love my boys.


  1. They are adorable! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. I think the title to this post should be "My kids are GORGEOUS!". Cos they really are!

    Madison xxx

  3. What a lovely post! I feel quite jealous of you when you put it like that!

  4. Twins really are a gift, aren't they? It's lovely to be able to 'big up' our kids sometimes on the blog, I often feel like all I do is berate mine! Thanks for linking up today - a perfect post :) x

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