Blog Planner ~ Embedded On Your Blog!

Do you plan or schedule any posts for your blog?

Or do you just write and post as you go?

I’d like to be doing the first, but I’m pretty much always the second.

I have ideas, scribble something down on a scrap of paper, misplace it, then wing it and hope for the best!

It’s been working well {ish} so far, but with everything going on I need to plan just a little bit.

I’ve wasted invested a few hours on Pinterest looking for a planner, nothing fancy, just something to keep things in one place and ideally something my kids can’t scribble on!

This week I stumbled across Personal Planner, they make AWESOMELY lustalicious planners; you basically get to design your own planner, they print it and send it to you!

If you don’t want an actual planner, they also have a blog planner which is customisable to suit your needs, you can then embed it in your blog!

I know!

Once you have an account set up, you customise your blog planner, grab the code and embed it on your blog, it would go in a gadget as HTML.

Stinking genius!

When you want to update your schedule, simply log in and update the details, once saved, your blog planner on your blog updates.

I’m still messing around with my blog layout, so for now it’s at the end of my posts. If you click on the magnifying glass it pops up larger.

A great way for either reminding yourself what your doing, or keeping your readers up to date with your schedule.

I’ve got to say, loving this idea.

I’m working on the hubby to buy me a actual planner, the daft bugger just doesn’t {get it}, he’s one of those who likes everything all in one device, his poxy phone! I’m a little more old school and like having a separate planner, a phone and a camera, don’t know why, but the idea of everything together is a bit bleurgh!

The daft pillock suggested I just buy a regular planner, he is such a guy about these things!

So, now commences Operation Hubster Buy Me A Planner, pleasey please please.

I shall let you know how I get on, wish me luck!

{I’m not being paid or anything, I just love this planner, and this way hubby has no excuse in pretending he doesn’t know I want one, sneaky genius at work!}


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    have a good night!

  2. ohhh I am going to check out the site now! I <3 planners:) Hope the hubs gets the message;)

  3. Glad to see this cool idea! Found you via a random retweet! :)

  4. wow! that's cool. i use my microsoft calender on my laptop to keep track of things. and then my post ideas are drafts in my blogger...

  5. I love planners, but generally opt for the old-fashioned "binder" kind. I have tried something new that seems to be working well for me. I purchased a couple of the "Smash" books & have been using one as my daily journal/planner. I have it all sectioned off with tabs, three of which are "Calendar," "To Do," & "I Blog." On the "To Do" 2-pg. layout, I use sticky notes for each day of the week, a couple for meal planning, shopping/errands, calls/emails I need to make, & misc. I write all my plans & needs for the week (usually on Sunday) & then cross them off or add to them as the week progresses. When Sunday rolls around, I toss the stickies & add new ones. I have tried so many different plans, but this is so simple & is really working for me. For the "I Blog" pages, I keep an ongoing list of "Posts" I want to do & even write down possible post titles & the name of the folder (on my computer) where I've stored the photos. That has been working very well, too. The only thing I have on my computer is a calendar where I keep track of appts. with a reminder alarm. My idea might not work for everyone, but it is certainly working for me.

  6. Thank you for sharing this amazing tool -- is just what I was looking for

  7. Thank you for sharing this amazing tool - it's just what i was looking for


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