Christmas in June!


Well slap my thigh and call me Judy!

{I really hope that isn’t a euphemism for anything naughty ~ I would Google it, but I’m much too nice and innocent to even want anything remotely hinky near my computer}

I only went and won a bloomin’ giveaway!

Oh yeah, and it was a super dooper ding dang diddly of a giveaway hosted by Jo from Bearpaw, in celebration of her shop Avery Homestore, which is both an on~line and B&M store in lovely ol’ Edinburgh selling fabric, yarn and other crafty goodness.

Oh and she does craft classes too, which end with homemade and wine, worth going just for that!

ric rac divider

This is what my gloriously grumpy postman handed me today

{he pretends not to like his job, but you know he’s only kidding!}

{Imagine a parcel}

After I shoo shooed the boys away, didn’t want their dirty mitts on my goodies, I tore in to it!

After a high pitched squeal and funky chicken dance I thought only fair to share what I got with y’all!

parcel 1

Love, love love these!

And these ones too!

parcel 2

Some of these aren’t fabrics which I would normally have thought of buying, but I’m already thinking of a bunch of things I want to make, it’s great to try new fabrics!.

Oh but that’s not all, I know, seriously 15 fat quarters {I’ve never actually owned this many fat quarters} and there was still more!

woody buttons

How cute are these buttons? The packaging is ridiculously cute, I could seriously put them on a Christmas tree.

And there is more, say what!


Fabric covered buttons, love ‘em!

fabric covered buttons

There was also a sweet note too!

note card

How flippin’ fabulous is Jo?

Such a generous parcel and I wasn’t the only winner, there was also a yarn bundle!

I was so excited at my loot that as soon as the kiddos were asleep I shoved every piece of fabric and button at hubby in a

‘whoop! looky looky shiny shiny’

kind of way whilst I practically jumped up and down on the sofa!

It’s like Christmas in June!




  1. hahaha! you're so funny. love your post and congrats on your new yummy goodies

    Luanne (Sisters Craft Cafe)

  2. That's a great prize! I'm a little envious of that great fabric. :)

  3. Blimey Judy, umm I mean Amanda (did you make that phrase up btw, it's hilarious), what a giveaway and a half. You lucky thing you. xx

  4. yay! giveaway wins are awesome! congrats!


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