Fathers Day When Your Dad Isn’t Here ~ BEST EVER FATHERS DAY QUOTE

Fathers Day.

It will be 12 years this Christmas since my dad died, it was unexpectedly expected,I never actually thought my dad would die {does anyone}.

I still miss him all the time.

Want to share funny / stupid things with him.

Ask for advice.

Get a hug.

Be called Curly or Short stuff.

Have a bagel.

Argue about politics or music.

Watch Life of Brian with him.

Show off my kids.

Leave him a randomly funny message on the phone.

Just say hi!

Father’s Day can really suck when your dad isn’t here, whether he’s away for work or passed away.

sunlight on the sea

Totally unrelated photo, but I don’t have any of my dad

It’s not totally sucky, my boys have their daddy {who is awesome} and together we had a wonderful day.

Not to leave this on a downer, I have the BESTEVER FATHERS DAY QUOTE.

Imagine hubby in the bathroom getting dressed {oo~err}, Ahren walks into the bathroom

“Daddy! Why is your willy all bumpy?”

“It’s not!”

“Daddy! Don’t point it at me!”

“I’m not!”

Oh my! A classic, a true MD Family classic, this will so be on our Christmas cards this year!




  1. I overheard a Dad and his daughter trying on clothes in a shop the other day. The Dad said "they're not moobs! They are pecks!"


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