Growing Up


I’ve been thinking about growing up not for me, gah! that ship sailed a long time ago, I shall be forever be eccentrically young at heart.

But my sweet beautiful boys.

I want them

{I’m interrupting my own post to say, Oh my flibbertigibbet, a flippin’ spider just ran across my keyboard towards me in a VERY MENACING way!

After I calmly brushed the tiny little ginormous spider away I then did the face slap thing, if a spider or anything is near me I get the hebegebees, I CAN FEEL them all over me and so I slap myself where I can feel them.

You see why I have given up on growing up, what sane adult goes around slapping themselves whilst doing some weird out of body looking hippie dance with arms and legs flailing, all the time screaming a rather high pitched girlie scream.

Is it worse that I just stop and carry on as before, or does that make it better, hmmmm?}

Okay, so back to my original point, I want my boys to grow up believing they can be anything they want, other than anything illegal, morally wrong or a clown.

Hubby is scared of clowns {in a very butch and manly way}, it would be cruel if his kids turned up as clowns, or it would be hilarious!

There's one or two things I might try to steer the boys away from.

This week I have decided that Ethan SHOULD NOT be a doctor, two things happened and his response was OTT and slightly worrying.

I had an insect bite on my leg, Ethan saw it and said

“Don’t worry mummy, I’ll get the scissors”

WHAT?! An insect bite and he wants to cut my leg off, a one off slightly exaggerated response can be forgiven, a person can live with only 1 leg after all.

But then, I had a headache, I asked the boys to keep the noise down a little and Ethan said

“Don’t worry mummy, we can fix it, I promise. I’ll get the scissors”

He wanted to cut my head off!

As far as I know, it’s pretty darn difficult to carry on living without your head.

So, I don’t think Ethan is ready to be a doctor, and I shall be keeping ALL the scissors locked away until he realises they are not to be used to treat ANY injuries.

Ahren hasn’t yet done or said anything to make me think he perhaps shouldn’t pursue a particular career, but I will keep my eye on him!

Now time for a totally unrelated photo, I snapped this the other day whilst sat at my desk, love it!

bunting through the window


  1. LOL! Yeah, it might be a good idea to hide the scissors. Although, maybe his cutting with have perfect precision & he'll be a surgeon? ;D

    Just so you know, I'm a lunatic when it comes to creepy crawly things too and my husband, not a fan of clowns at all! lol

  2. I love that post! it is just like i imagine it would be to have a conversation with you!
    and your pic is gorgeous!!!


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