Kids + Bathroom = CHAOS

I didn’t think we would have to worry about the kids and the bathroom until they were teenagers, spending ridiculous amounts of time in there getting ready to go out, wet towels on the floor and their ‘boy smells’.

I was wrong.

The past week or so the boys have gained FULL ACCESS to the entire house.

We finally admitted the baby gate on the stairs was useless, they can both open and close it with ease, and was more a hindrance than anything.
So we took the gate off, and so began

{Bathroom ~ gate ~ saga}

The peaceful quiet of these dreary wet, windy and grey summer days is interspersed by my cries of

“Stop flushing the loo”
“Ehh and ewwwww! Why is Woody in the toilet?”
“You USE the loo roll BEFORE you put it down the loo!”
“What DID YOU DO that needed a whole loo roll?”
“Show me your bum”
“I said show me your bum, not wiggle it!”
They respond with their own delightful cries of
“Mummy, is my bum dirty?”
as they back towards me, nekkid arse in air.
“Mummy, we’re going fishing, look!”
not sure what they expect to catch in the loo!
“Look mummy, we been cleaning!”
the bath tub was covered in what I hoped was liquid soap!
“MUMMY! We  made snow angles!”
Talcum powder ALL OVER THE FLOOR and two kids laying amongst it making snow angles.
“Mummy can you get the rainbow for us?”
They think a rainbow is at the ‘end’ of the loo, not sure where they have got this idea from, no doubt a puzzle piece or something has gone down the pan!
So far I have found the following in the loo
{goodness knows what has been flushed away}

Brand new roll of loo roll
Numerous cardboard TP rolls
Woody from Toy Story
4 puzzle pieces
Bottle of shampoo
The potty
Child’s arm {still attached to child}
Bubble bath
Talcum powder
Shaving gel

The boys seem to think the loo is like a magic portal, like they are sending things off to some amazing land, this ensures their flushes are sent off with a cheery
“ Have a nice day, we love you”

I have tried locking the door, but the super sneakies can open it from both inside and outside.
I considered adding a chain lock or something to the outside, but we want the boys to use the bathroom, properly. Besides you know I will stumble out of bed half asleep for a pee, the door will be locked and I would have a spaz attack thinking I was trapped somewhere!

We’ve had the discussion that only {smelly things} need to go down the loo and how toys find it upsetting.

The boys also tried turning the floor into an ice rink, do you KNOW how slippery shaving gel is??

slip slidin away

It is truly shocking how quickly and silently those things can empty!

indoor slipnslide

To clean it all up took about 7 towels, a mop and bucket, a spray bottle and cloths, and some expert staying up right skills from me, nearly went arse over tit SO MANY times.

Ethan not looking guilty

At one point Ahren walked into the bathroom with a tin of chocolate fingers, I thought
“How sweet, he’s saying sorry with chocolates, he’s growing up so fast”
But nope, it was because he want a biscuit, sigh.

Chaos in the bathroom

The bathroom is clean and the loo free from all non loo appropriate items.
Can’t wait to see what they get up to tomorrow!

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  1. LOL! You have to admit, the chaos was worth it to get those photos. File the photos under "18th Birthday party".

    Madison xxx

  2. Oh my goodness!!! : ) Boys are such fun ~ I have 3 and they keep me laughing. Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, mb

  3. oh my......... what a mess! that's one of those things i would begin to yell about, then end up laughing right through... o dear me..

  4. Oh. My. God. That is seriously impressive... though the conversation sounds very much like those my husband and I have... lol x thanks for linking up to Wot So #Funee! Grab the code and badge too when you get a chance and spread the blog love! xx

  5. Hahaahahaaa oh my god!! They've had so much fun. The "show me your bum, not wiggle it!" had me laughing loads!

  6. Oh my word the shaving foam is everywhere!!! What little tinkers your boys are. You have my full sympathy, I am not a fan of fishing things out of the toilet!

  7. And there was me thinking it was girls that were bathroom obsessed xx

  8. Fantastic photo's. Kids and bathrooms are just brilliant. It's like an Aladdin's cave. Mine hold court in ours regularly.

  9. Wow your boys are you're looking forward to them starting school in September!!
    (Hopefully this will wear them out).

    Have always thought that twins are 2 to the power of 2. I was talking to a fellow dad of twins a
    couple of weeks back and they've both just left home, he reckons that he and his wife have just
    got their lives back after 25 years!!

  10. What the heck is the obsession with the bathroom! GG started potion club (don't ask) and it took me ages to unblock the sink - toothpaste, shaving gel, soap, conditioner, shampoo, oilatum and nail polish apparently make a great potion in the sink, until you need to clean it up - then you need to wipe it all up with loo roll and shove the evidence down the plug hole...

  11. Oh we have some awful bathroom stories courtesy of the kids, but none quite as inventive as this! Thanks for joining in - come and link up any time, these are fab!


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