My Man is a Master Baker! Muffalicious Muffins {or cupcakes}

 I bet you had to take a second look at that!


Sorry hubby, but I couldn’t help myself, and I know you would have been slightly disappointed in me for passing up such an OBVIOUS opportunity!

I think I have mentioned before that my hubby does pretty much ALL the cooking and now it seems he is muscling in on the baking, which is cool with me!

The other day he messed around making some banana muffins, since the first batch, he has tinkered around with the recipe and gash darn if he hasn’t come up with the


The perfect combination of muffiny ~ bananay ~ oaty ~ sugary goodness.

Deliciousness doesn’t do them justice, and on the off chance that one day I pop round for coffee and muffins I had better share the recipe with you.

{Okay, hubby is now refusing to share the recipe! I shall go pester him…

Ahhh ha! I now have the recipe and a naughty vodka & coke whoopwhoo}

banana muffins

You will need

3 bananas

{hubby says 3 normal, 2 large or 4 small, not sure what constitutes small, medium or large just don’t go crazy}

250g {2 cups} of plain flour

2 tsp. baking powder

75g {1 cup} porridge oats

3 medium eggs

175g {2/4 cup & 2 tsp.} caster sugar

200ml vegetable oil

tiny pinch of salt

brown sugar

2 cake tins

24 cupcake/muffin cases

1} mash up your bananas in a bowl, you can go lump if you like

2} mix your oats, flour and baking powder in a separate bowl

3} In yet another bowl {this is washing up intensive, but worth it} beat the eggs and vegetable oil, then add the salt and sugar. Fold in to the oat mixture, adding the mashed bananas as you go.

4} place cake/muffin cases in the trays

5}dollop some mixture in to muffin / cupcake cases

6} sprinkle some oats and brown sugar on top

7} pop into a preheated oven, 160°c gas mark 4

Sit on floor in front of oven, pestering hubby with

“Are they ready yet?”

“Now, are they ready now?”

“How about now, huh?”

“They take tooooooo loooonnngggggg”

Or just go make a coffee and wait patiently.

After 15 minutes or so they will be ready, use the old cocktail stick in the cake trick to check they are done.

Leave to cool down for a minute or 2, then remove from the cake tines and place on a cooling rack.

Or, leave to cool for as long as it takes to make another coffee and eat them still warm, they are SO GOOD warm!


The hubby said I should clarify between muffin and cupcake.

And I would, if not for the fact there is NO UNIFORM cupcake or muffin case size!

They argue the toss over whether a banana is '”too bendy” {seriously} but no one has seen the fault in not having a standard socially acceptable size for muffins and cupcakes.

Which, if I may clamber on to my soap box, is a pretty serious thing!

If you’re on a cupcake / muffin diet and limiting yourself to just 1 muffin a day or something equally crazy you want to know just how much muffin you can have OR if 2 cupcakes can be substituted for 1 muffin!


As they say {The proof is in the pudding} or lack of!

All these are cupcake cases

cupcakes cases

and these are muffin cases


now call me crazy but aren't these all a little hinky in their sizes?

muffins cupcakes peiti four

If we were to be so slap dash in labelling things I could say I was tall, which at 5’1” is a long shot.

And you don’t even want to get me started on the Petit Fours debate, we know it translates into {cupcake} i.e. 4 Petit Fours = 1 cupcake

petit fours

If we all agree on this why can’t we agree on how many cupcakes make a muffin? I feel a strongly worded letter to someone important in the baking industry is in order, Mr Kipling or Betty Crocker maybe, I shall let you know how it goes!

cupcake cases in the jar

Okay, my head hurts, I need to lie down and eat a muffin or two cupcakes…..


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  1. you're so funny! and sure are these banana muffins are suuuuppperr yummy.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.


  2. Oh yum! I'm thinking your hubby is a keeper!

  3. PMSL! Think someone needs to "chillax". (Hate that word).

    You are hil-a-rious! Will be staling your banana cuffin (see what I did there?) recipe and adapting it to suit my son's diet. Will update you on how it goes. Fingers crossed.

    Madison xxx

  4. Amanda, these look delicious. Thank you for sharing the recipe, especially since your hubby didn't really want to. This was a very funny post, I was laughing the whole way through. I would have chosen "sit on the floor in front of the oven and pester hubby" over making coffee and patiently waiting any day. Enjoy those cakes! Muffins?

  5. The thing is, Amanda is deadly serious with this whole cupcake/muffin malarkey... Just today I had to steer her wide around the bakery aisle whilst doing some food shopping just so she didn't pull that little soap box out of her handbag and launch into a Muffin Vs. Cupcake tirade as the mere sight of cake cases!

    These little outbursts are an almost daily occurrence and not always restricted to baked goods.
    You just wait until she starts with the "What language do cows think in?" business! ;)

    I'm off to make banana "cuffins" now (pinching that genius word for myself I am!)



    1. Hey! Cuffin is copyrighted! If you want to use my word then you have to pay me in banana cuffins.

      "What language do cows think in?" That is an interesting philosophical question. Some philosophers would argue that animals are incapable of thought. (Studied philosophy at Uni for a year). Looking forward to that post from Amanda.


    2. Oh, well if cuffin is copyrighted I shall have to go with my initial name of "Muff Cakes"... But on second thought, perhaps not!

      Expect a box of banana cuffins arriving soon as payment :)

  6. Those look yummy! I love muffins with toppings. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  7. YUM! These look delish! I’m visiting from Chef-in-training and would love for you to share this, or any other posts you would like to, at my Creative Thursday Link Party at Have a wonderful week.


  8. i love muffin papers, they always make such cute ones! and those muffins look yummy...could totally go for some of them for a late night snack! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  9. You have made me laugh and feel hungry at the same time!


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