My Tipping Point ~ Why Has Syria Been Forgotten?


I was getting ready to post my weekly post about the our week, but then I saw this post on The Times, it is tough reading. There is something wrong with you if it doesn’t make you both angry and upset.

I’m angry  and upset because….

….. this is happening, and has been for too long.

… seems no one is getting involved to help these innocent men, women and children.

……. we seem more concerned with the latest ‘celebrity’ news than when innocents are being murdered in their homes.

…..upset this could be my children, my family, me or you.

…. upset that the world carries on regardless whilst people are slaughtered in horrific and barbaric ways.

Help today by signing this petition on Save The Children calling on our leaders to  put in place an immediate and legally binding "Resolution to Protect Children" that carries the full force of international law on those attacking children and other civilians.

Please share this post and help get more people to sign the petition.


  1. i can't read the article, but have heard about these atrocities.... just breaks my heart... i signed the petition.


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