Raynaud’s Phenomenon ~ Can I Ask a Question or Two Please!


Oh bugger!

Seems as though I’m growing up or growing older at any rate despite my disapproval!

I went to the doctors yesterday for blood pressure tests and scans of my legs / feet, as my feet keep turning blue and going FREEZING cold to the touch.

Naturally we want to find out what is causing this and the opinion of my doc and the nurse who did the tests yesterday was that it might be Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

Raynaud’s Phenomenon is where your blood vessels go into spasm blocking the flow of blood causing the affected area to go white, blue then red as the blood starts pumping back through. It can cause pain to these areas which can last from a few minutes to hours.

There’s a whole bunch other stuff about it, there are 2 types but I’m trying not to get bogged down by it, cause I don’t actually think this is what’s causing my feet to go blue.

I like to think it’s my Smurf heritage making itself known, unlikely but you never know!

If it is this Raynaud’s malarkey { which I shall rename as Raymond’s, ‘cause Everybody Loves Raymond, don’t they? } I might have to stop my tinkering with the sewing machine, vibrations in the hands / fingers can make it worse, which is such an arse kick as finding my creative side has helped enormously with my depression and I get a feeling that if the diagnosis is confirmed my depression will take a dip downwards, more poop.

I have 2 questions for you lovely peeps today

1) Do you know anything about Raynaud’s, tell me if you do please?

2) Any of you sewers know of a sewing machine which is nice and smooth, sometimes I’m sure my Singer is going to bounce off the table, I’d hate to have to give up my sewing.

Well I’m off to find some fluffy warm socks, hubby said my toes looked like Skittles with all the different colours, I shall get him back when he’s asleep by putting my frozen feet on his back muuhahahaa!

I might be needing these comfy socks everyday!

fluffy socks


  1. Ooops - Nope sorry I don't know anything about it, and this is the first time I've been to your blog - Was actually looking for the under 300 follower thingy, but may just have discovered that I too know Raymond!! - freeezing cold feet - even in the summer, finger tips that go white & numb, then go all red & tingly. Gawd I think I might just continue to ignore it and use my OH as the foot warmer. Too much else going on over here to add another to the list. Nice to find you, I'll be off now and continue on my way to the under 300 party. x

  2. I've heard of Raynaud's but I don't know anyone who has it. I hope that everything turns out well. Sending good thoughts your way. Take care & keep warm!

  3. oh my. i've never heard of this before. hopefully they are able to figure out something to make you more comfortable. let me know if you need any cheering up or to vent or whatever. i'll do what i can from over here :)

  4. Raynaud? No, it's more like one of those "Well, you here something new every day, don't you?" kind of things. I hope it's not that for sure. As for your bouncing sewing machine, I'd be more apt to think the problem is the table it is sitting on. That would be a good place to start with your assessment of the problem. I do know that some of the newer machines are super-light weight, but shouldn't bounce unless they are sitting on a card table or something similar. I have an old Bernina (almost 30 years old) that weighs a ton (seriously, it is all steel or cast iron), & even it bounced when I used a folding table for awhile. So, my suggestion is to check that out first. Hope it helps.

  5. Hi
    I know all about Raynauds - I've had it for over a decade. I mainly had it in my hands and from the knuckle down on all my fingers but not thumbs, went milk white and icy cold, then dark purpley then red and were quite painfull when the blood flowed back in. I had it for years before going to the doctor (same with my back but that's another story...)and eventually went because it had started with my index fingers and gradually spread to the rest. The doctor had a chat with me (& I had taken a photo on my phone of when it was all white as I could'nt work out what caused it so didn't know how to get it to happen while at the doctors)and said it sounded like Raynauds. He prescribed Adalat and I've had no problems at all since then. It has made a huge difference so I'd make an appointment if I was you. Hope this has helped CJAY

  6. Great story as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about that matter. Thanks for sharing that info.


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