Under 300 Followers Link Party

Back again with another Under 300 Follower Blog Hop!

under 300 followers

We kicked off last week with a Q & A session to help get to know everyone, some of the answers were brilliant, it seems we need a cordless glue gun and yarn is possibly the most versatile craft item, I had a real hoot Sunday afternoon checking out your blogs and your answers.


{ does any one else hear but and start singing “ I like big butts and I can not lie, You other brothers can't deny…”, I know you do! Start singing, not necessarily like big butts, not that there is a problem if you do! Butts are cool, both big an small, oh shut up Amanda, this is what happens when my kids wake me at 4am, I think of butts. Arse}

Moving on with a shake and a wiggle { see now I’ve typed wiggle all I have in my head is LMFAO going “wiggle wiggle wiggle” I have terrible attention span}

Okay, so being all sensible now, whilst the answers I read were great, it was a real shame that so many folk didn’t participate, I’ve shared my thoughts on this kind of thing here.


We had a little giveaway last week, our two winners are

Jessica Miller!



  Stephanie @ Toastie Studios! 

Congrats, ladies.  I will be in touch with you soon to get your info and send out your prizes!

Today is a VERY exciting day for Amie hostess over at Pinkapotamus, today she has posted  her

500th POST!

Doesn’t that just seem crazy?

She has also recently surpassed the 600 follower mark {whoop whoo} and will be hosting a fantastic giveaway to celebrate both these pretty awesome achievements {details to come soon}.

If you have an ETSY shop and fancy donating to Amie's giveaway in exchange for some FREE advertising email Amie at amieirwin (at) yahoo (dot) com.

So let's make this a really awesome and fantastic Under 300 Followers Blog Hop!

Rules is rules and we gotta have some

1} Follow your hosts {you know it’s the right thing to do}
2} Link up with you blog homepage

3} Drop us a comment letting us know you are following & how you are following GFC / Bloglovin etc

4} Mingle with the other linkies and say hi!

Totally optional, tweet  and FB about the blog hop, tell your friends, the more the merrier as they say!

Please check if your a no ~reply blogger, this quick tutorial shows you how to check and change your notifications, we love being able get round to all your blogs and say hi!


  1. I'm following you all via GFC :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh yay! Thank you, and congratulations to pinkapotamus on passing the 600 followers and 500 posts mark! It is great to be part of the blog hop :)

  4. I'm following you all via GFC, off to check out some of the other blogs :)

  5. Following from GFC and thanks for hosting!! Oh, and thanks for your lovely comment on my Lat/Long sign tutorial. If you do "borrow" the idea, I'd love to see pics!!


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