What Makes Me Uncomfortable As a Blogger & Blog Reader

This is a repost from back in June, with all the new blogs popping up, and maybe some old timers getting a bit too comfortable, I figure these might be helpful reminders of how we can all make the most of the blogging community. 

I’ve spent the past few days hopping around blogs, reading, commenting  sometimes following sometimes not.

I’ve noticed a few things here and there which have, not necessarily ticked me off, but made me feel as a blog reader and a blogger somewhat uncomfortable.

1} Comments

You either want them or you don’t.

If you don’t, well, I’m not to sure why your blogging, but still, that’s up to you.

If you want the comments, decent comments that add content to your blog, help establish a blogging community, you need to engage.

I never expect a response to every comment, with kids and everything else I know how little time I have to set aside to blogging and I’m pretty sure it’s the same for you. 

But you should at least try to respond and engage with the people who take the time to read and comment on your posts. Definitely you should be responding to sensible questions, especially if you have asked people for their opinions.

If you want to respond only in the comment section that's totally cool, but please make it clear, most people don’t return to check for a response within the comments nor do they follow the comments {can you imagine your inbox}, so unless you let them know, they might not even know you have responded.

  2} Blog Hops & Linkys

These things take time and sometimes money.

You have the whole writing the post and the html malarkey, sorting any issues that pop up during the hop or linky and then you have the engaging with the people who have linked up.

Time baby, it all takes time!

If the host asks you to link back, grab button or chuck in a text link, it doesn’t take long and there are so many ways to arrange the buttons all nice and neat so they don’t overwhelm the post.

If they want you to follow them, follow! Again it doesn’t take long and chances are if you like the blog enough to link up, you are going to like the rest of the content.

Don’t link up anything nasty / inappropriate or something you know just doesn’t fit in with the linky, its rude and often offensive.


If you are hosting a hop or linky, be realistic.

You want the backlinks, the followers, whatever clicks it is that makes the sponsors and advertisers want to do business with you, then play fair.

Don’t make people jump through too many hoops, think about what your limits are to following  / participating with a blog, if you’re not prepared to do it yourself, don’t ask it of others.

This whole blogging community is built on give and take and we should be supporting each other.

Sometimes, a few, and I really do mean a few bloggers seem just a wee bit selfish. They want the followers, backlinks or whatever, but don’t seem to want to reciprocate. Which to me seems a little shady.

3} Blog snobs

Not everyone can afford to hire a blog designer.

Not everyone can make a fancy blog design, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got amazing content. Sometimes we have to look past the dust to see the sparkle.

Not everyone has a DSLR camera, I know I don’t and honestly, I’m getting tired of hearing my photos are of poor quality because of my point and shoot. My photos may not be the best, but I think some are pretty darn awesome.

point and shoot photos

Some people don’t have English as their first language or they are dyslexic or something, I’ve seen several people say they ignore bloggers with bad grammar which just seems a little harsh. Fair enough if the person is using text speak, but using their / there / they’re incorrectly isn’t the be all and end all. 

We should take the rough with the smooth as they say!

4} Keeping It Real

I don’t know why liars in the blogging community surprised me, they are everywhere else so why not here, but it did.

If you host a competition and you don’t like the person who wins, tough. Unless you specified that person couldn’t enter, suck it up and get over it.

When reviewing something, be honest, you’d be pissed if you purchased something on the recommendation of a friend and it wasn’t what you expected. The £10 or freebie you get, is it really worth your honesty, saying you love something when really its already tossed in the bin!?

Craft bloggers, don’t Photoshop a project to finish it. People will expect to follow your tutorial with the aim to get the same end result, don’t mislead them just because you want to impress people.

Tweaking photos to make them pretty, sure. Tweaking photos to ‘complete’ a half finished project, umm yeah that’s makes you a liar and well, I hope your pants are on fire, or something!

Don’t be nasty / rude or plain ol’ vindictive. If you don’t like something or don’t agree with an opinion, either move on or say something constructive, open debate is mostly always welcome, but being a bitch and insisting you’re right is not.


Ohh that feels better, I shall clamber down from my soap box and keep hush now!

Anyway, these are just my opinions, you can totally disagree if you want. My intentions are not to offend anyone, nor am I calling out, just saying my piece and moving on!


  1. Amen to that!

    Do people actually comment that your pictures are a poor quality? I can't imagine saying such a thing! Wow.

  2. Refreshing post! I think most of us probably agree! And I think your photos are wonderful! <3

  3. Loved your post girl!! Well written and thought out!! I think your photos are great!! Keep on rockin on :)

  4. I agree with Gina, I can't imangine saying that to someone! I do know of one blogger who wouldn't feature you unless your pictures were perfect, meaning DSLR perfect! When I found this out I immediately took myself off of her GFC, I just couldn't imagine anyone being so rude! We all come from many walks of life and some can't afford that fancy camera but I've seen many, many pictures of point and shoot that were amazing! Including mine when I had one!
    Thanks for posting this, I so agree with you!


  5. Thanks for this post! I always feel bad that my pics aren't as awesome as the DSLR photos (sometimes all I've got is my cruddy camera phone) - but it's about the content, not the polish a lot of the time. Appreciate you!

  6. Great post, you said it well. I have noticed the same thing, some really fantastic writing and content, but maybe not all the bells and whistles. I can look back to something I did on accident a couple months ago and remember that someone was nice enough to show me how to fix it. Now we pay it forward and help the next blogger :) Now following- Hugs, Tanya

  7. As one of those bloggers who can't afford a designer, and need html for idiots, I thank you! I also agree with everything you said. I guess people forget what their moms told them, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. :)

  8. We just got into blogging---but definitely have some of those feeling! Glad I found you via the blog hop---looking forward to reading more.


  9. This is simply so awesome. So clear & to the point. I totally hear you - it's like a respect thing but in this blogging world it can be so clique-ish. And then to judge .. That's a whole other story. It's rude. Enjoyed reading this, definitely looking forward to reading your other posts! Newest follower foooor sure!

  10. Loved it! Wonerfully said. I found you from the hop. I am your newest follower. Please come visit me.

  11. I totally agree. When people take their precious time to comment, the least we can do is to thank them. We don't have to become their penpal, but manners are manners.

  12. I always comment back on my lovely followers comments & I do go back & revisit my own comments whenever I can. I've not come across any cliquey rubbish yet but when I do I'll just ignore it :)) As for the photo's I can't believe anyone would be so rude but then again nothing really surprises me anymore either! Your blog is fab and the content very useful, so thank you.

  13. Here, here to that - I'm quite new to blogging and I read and ramble and comment. If someone is kind enough to comment I would always reply. I have loads of blogs in my reader and it's one of the things that is helping me condense this list to great blogs with friendly authors. Your photos are lovely, mine are all done on my iPhone and I'm happy with them! x

  14. Yes! I agree with you entirely:) I found you on A Creative Princess. I am a new follower of your and would love to have you follow me back. ~Angi


  15. I completely agree, it's not easy to be a blogger and look after a family. I often notice spelling errors in my own posts, so they don't really bother me in others.
    For me it is all about the content, I do love pretty blogs and lovely pictures but that's not why I read blogs.
    I follow far more blogs than I am followed by, but it doesn't really bother me, I blog because I want to and if I'm fortunate enough to become popular then that would be great, but it's not my goal.
    And for the rcord, I love your photos :)

  16. I agree with most of what you say, but I don't like it when bloggers respond to comments in their comments. I try to comment on every post I read. I can't possibly keep track of them all and be going back to see if they've responded. With comments sent to your email, it's the fastest thing in the world to click "reply" and respond, faster than replying to your own comment!

    I'm a craft blogger and I find that the quilting bloggers are very cliquey.

  17. I think you are A-mazing and to heck with anyone else who can't see it! Blogs are personal things and a little piece of your soul that gets sent out into the universe the least others can do is to be respectful.. Everyone learns in kindergarten "if you don't have anything nice to say... DON'T say ANYTHING.. At ALL!" And don't even get me started on the rule breakers.. he he eh!
    Love you lots.. keep doing what you're doing!

  18. Oh I agree with you on many of these points! I have to admit, I didn't realize it was annoying to respond to comments IN the comment section (blush!). And I needed that reminder to "take the rough with the smooth." I am a bit of a grammar snob, and it DOES grate against my nerves when I see mistakes like "they're/their/there" or the "your/you're" thing, but you're right (ha) - let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    On one hand, I love looking at polished, pretty blogs. They can be very inspirational. And on the other hand, it is kind of a shame that the creative blog world has become such a "keeping up with the Joneses" kind of contest.

  19. People really tell you your pictures are poor quality? Really!?!? Kind of along this so I have to share, I read a blog post a while back. This gal has somewhere like 2-5K followers so yeah she has a bunch. She basically said don't waste her time for a guest post if you are only starting out blogging because if you can't give her followers like she'd give you, it is pointless for her to waste her time on you. I was in shock!

  20. Although they annoy me a bit, I can deal with the they/their/they're stuff. The one that bugs me to death is that half the DIY blogs I read spell it "moldings" and the other half spells it "moUldings". Not sure why it bugs me so much, or why they spell it differently. It's not keeping me from reading any of them, but I definitely have a bit of the shoulder-twitch going on every time I see that extra u..

    Also, even if you reply outside of comments, consider adding a reply within the comments as well, in case other people have similar questions ;)

  21. good points all of them. as of right now, i have about a 95% reply rate. i don't normally reply to comments on my page as i know people rarely come back to check for a response. the only time i do is if it would help other readers {like answering a question}. it's hard with no-reply commentors, though.

    the whole mandatory follow thing is wonky too. i don't require it for my parties or my giveaways because i want genuine followers that *want* to be a part of my blog.

    as far as appearance, i do agree as well. when i read about bloggers who are asking for help or advice, i try to offer my services. i can't tell you how many blog buttons and headers i've done up for free. community :)

  22. I agree with you! And I like your photos.

  23. WOW!!! Someone HAD to say it!!! I not only see nothing wrong w/ your photos but cannot believe ANYONE would have the gall to say something about them because they might not have come from some fancy a#s camera!!! We can't ALL be professional bloggers!!! Some have families, children, FT jobs! Blogging should be FUN, unless it IS your job. Anyhow, Good Job in speaking up! Like I said, "Someone HAD to say it"!!!!! kweenbee_61@yahoo.com

  24. I've got two contests going on right now, you should totally enter! Though , they both end the 24th at midnight! So hurry over!

  25. So well said! You're a rock star in my book!


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