You Talkin’ To Me? ~ Doing Things Properly


Something has been bugging me for a while, no not the hubby!

I’m a pretty chilled, laid back person, but when I apply myself to something I go at it 100%, I haven’t yet let a tub of Ben & Jerry’s beat me!

Whether it’s serenading half of London with my spectacular rendition of Delilah by Tom Jones {that was the evening hubby’s mum knew I was the girl for him, my ‘wonderful’ singing won her over, I never realised I knew all the words!}

Cleaning up those first few totally terrifying and horrific new born baby poos, {something you are never prepared for}

or beating the pixels off the TV screen when doing the boxing doodah on Wii {I kicked arse and got banned from playing whilst pregnant}

If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it properly.

So, when this ‘lady’ who doesn’t know me from Adam, decided to take an instant dislike to me maybe it was my stunning stop~you~in~your~tracks~fuzzy~wuzzy~hair or the this~isn't~a~muffin~top~this~is~my~post-babies~belly {I decided I liked it so much I’m keeping it as a memento} I don’t know, maybe she just had a bad day.

But you call me a “F@£king slag” in front of my kids, you better have a damn good reason or just keep quiet and move on.

I was pushing the twins in their buggy, minding my own business, the ‘lady’ had to stop for about 2 seconds to let us pass, not much of a hardship in the whole scheme of things.

As she passed me she called me a “F@£king slag” not realising the big shaved headed bloke behind me was my hubster, hardy ha-ha, she got TOLD!

I don’t welcome abuse being directed at me, but really if you want to try and insult me, hurt my feelings to make you feel better about yourself.

Put some effort in to it.

‘Cause otherwise, I just end up feeling sorry for you {which I’m sure isn’t your intention}, obviously your report cards all said

Must try harder.

Not reaching full potential.

A slag, by definition is a lady who enjoys relations of a sexual nature with numerous men, they sometimes have a ‘look’ about them and dare I say a certain confidence too!

I have no problem whatsoever with ladies who like to partake in a liberal private life, its none of my business and if a guy can do it, why not the girls!

But, just slinging the word around as an insult is lazy.

It’s a cheap shot which says more about the person saying it than it does about me.

If she had taken a second longer to assess me and said something like

“Out the way, you hair product defying fuzz ball of curly haired frizz hippy!”

“Move your baby belly carrying arse out my way!”

“Oi! Shorty, MOVE!”


“Hey, you crayon covered, mum of twins, sleep deprived, shorty, fuzz ball PND suffering cupcake eating coffee lover, shove off and let me pass”

Then I’d have high fived her, say “Well played, well played” and strolled on, safe in the knowledge that everyone was trying their best.

So, to sum up.

If you are going to do some thing do it properly, or don’t bother.

If that ‘thing’ is to insult someone, just don’t bother {it’s not big and it’s not clever}, because chances are the insult won’t even apply and you will just come across as lazy and unimaginative.

Remember, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!

EDIT: I was actually beaten by 1 tub of B&J, it was one of those with the core thingy, really guys, don’t mess with a good thing!


  1. So she just said that and kept walking?? Well i dont know if this is the way to say it but: from the abundance of your heart speaks your mouth...

    1. Yeah! It was so random, I can only assume she was pissed off at having to wait those 2 seconds!

  2. Hi! New follower from GFC blog hop. I don't know why people can be so rude sometimes...I mean seriously, did that make matters any better? Sorry she is so miserable! I look forward o reading more of your posts!

  3. You summed it up exactly...if don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Some people are so rude!

  4. Blimey, where do you live?! Seriously that was one very nasty piece of work and you have done an excellent job of tearing her off a strip and rubbishing her criticism of you - well done, definitely doing things properly ;)

  5. People are so rude! I don't get why people have to say anything negative about any random stranger on the street really! It would at least be interesting if they could be original instead of resorting to crass, moronic swearing.

  6. Hey lady!! I just found your cute blog via the hop and added myself to your followers! Also I’d love to have you check out a fabulous OSCAR DE LA RENTA giveaway I’m having right now!!
    Hope to see you there! And thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily

  7. wow.... that's just something else... i can't believe someone would say that. and in front of kids nonetheless...


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