Punching Seagulls ~ Adventures of a Commuter

Sometimes I miss the daily commute to work.
Not often, the joy of rolling out of bed in pjs knowing I’m dressed for ‘work’ is AWESOME!
But when the hubster comes home with stories of his commute, man oh man I wish I was there.
Take last Thursday for example, it starts off as a regular morning, he’s strolling along to the station to get the train when out of no where he is ATTACKED BY A SEAGULL.
I know, I laughed too!
So yeah, this mama seagull keeps swooping down to peck his head off in a crazy winged attacked {most likely trying to protect its chick}.
Being the strapping butch hunk of manliness that he is, he did the only thing possible, and punched the seagull out the air.
Yes folks, my man PUNCHED A SEAGULL, I nearly pee’d myself laughing at this!
The bird fell to the floor, staggered around a little, flew up in the air and resumed its air attack of hubsters head, at which point he ducked into the train station to safety.
Naturally, he had to share his dramatic story with the guys at work, one of them asked what it sounded like when he punched it out the air {what is wrong with guys?}.
Hubbys response
“It’s a bizarre noise, kinda like when you stand on a rabbit”
What the fudge monkeys?
Apparently hubby accidentally stepped on a rabbit whilst on holiday in Scotland!
I really do not recommend either stepping on a rabbit or punching a seagull, unless its attacking you and then, well really its every bird and man for themselves {seagulls are HUGE and totally vicious when they want something!}
Friday morning, hubby left the house, ambled down the garden path only to be ‘confronted’ by a mama seagull and a baby seagull who were sat at the end of the path, and like any normal sane person he said to them
“I do hope you’re here to apologise”
And then he ran from them, now tell me you aren't jealous of my butch manly man!
Before anyone goes and calls the RSPCA or PETA on him, that he is actually a decent bloke when it comes to animal welfare.
We saved a starfish once, walking down the beach one day we found a starfish flopping about out the water and we helped it back into the sea.
And then, we adopted a baby seagull for a week, the poor thing didn’t have the oomph to fly out our front garden; not wanting it to get attacked by foxes or stupid drunken louts, we scooped it up and popped it in the back garden.
I sent hubby out to buy it some sardines, we made it a little bed using an old box and towels, and for a week we fed it and helped it get stronger.
Eventually, when he was strong enough to fly, hubby walked him out the back garden and actually stopped the traffic in the road so that Hoppy could get a run up to fly away, after a few attempts he did it, and flew away!
I’ll have to share some more with you, there are some truly hilarious tales!


  1. "fudge monkeys"? i love it! i need to totally adopt that saying... it's the best! that's the weirdest thing that it targeted him out of everyone else...

    still haven't gotten your envelopes :( beginning to think the English post service doesn't like me. lol

  2. That is so funny! lol I cracked up when your husband asked if they were there to apologize! That is something my husband would have said.

  3. I'm still crying with laughter - tried to read this aloud to my hubby but was laughing too much for him to understand a word! x

  4. That's a pretty funny story. All in all, you have done your share to help the wild, and that's the thanks?? LOL. Amanda, I have nominated you for the sunshine award. Stop by my blog to check out the details! Hope you are having a great summer!

  5. How on earth do you accidentally step on a rabbit?

  6. I found your blog through a blog hop and after reading that, just had to follow you. I had to stifle back my laughter otherwise my work mates would wonder what's so funny about spreadsheets. Your reaction to the whole incident is priceless though!

    Your newest follower!

  7. Fudge Monkeys! Love it! I needed this laugh!!!!

  8. Totally wish I'd seen the whole pigeon punching episode!

  9. Totally wish I'd seen the whole pigeon punching episode - hilarious.

  10. Ha ha that really is an extreme commute to work! Wish I'd been a fly on the wall watching that one...or maybe I'd be dead by now ;) x

  11. I remember thoroughly enjoying this post when I read it the first time around and it's just as funny on a re-read with Oldies but Goodies. I think seagulls are pretty scary and I've had a few altercations myself! Helen

  12. Brilliant. Love how the Mama was waiting the next day too! :D


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