Embracing Crazy


I’m wondering if there are various levels of crazy attributed to parents based on the number and age of their kids, or whether its just pot luck and you’re either mildly loco with a hint of whimsy or you get full blown head banging against a wall whilst mumbling something about getting a puppy instead.

I’m definitely leaning towards the head banging against the wall level of crazy.

I’m not sure if my kids are just naturally driven to making me insane or have devised a cunning plan{kinda like Pinkie & the Brain}, either way its working and there seems to be bugger all I can do about it!

It wouldn’t be so bad if my kiddos didn’t look so darn cute!

darding on the beach

Their cutie mctutie faces make it impossible to stay mad at them, especially when they give you the pouty doe eyed look, it would be like telling Bambi off or something equally mean!

{I know, I’m a terrible mummy, too easily side-tracked from naughtiness by a cute face}

And forget it if they unleash the “I love you mummy” bomb, only 3 years old and already they know how to win over a girl.

ethan in a basket

This is another one of those chapters all the parenting books seem to have missed out.

Perhaps I should just embrace the crazy and deal with the cheeky shenanigans my boys get up to, its not as though they can get up to much more mischief than they already have!


  1. It is so hard and they're only young once and grow much too quickly. I can't tell you the times I've had to walk away so I didn't crack up laughing when I knew I should have been scolding.

  2. Just pick your battles & enjoy the kiddos while they are little. They grow up way too fast.


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