My Bad!


I kinda feel like I should have a really awesome, amazing, witty and interesting reason for being so quiet lately on this here ol’ blog.

But I don’t,  I just woke up one day feeling like death warmed up in a shed load of pain and thought bugger it, blogging can take a back seat.

Not a hard decision when you’re spending your days either crying in pain or passing out from lack of eating.

I must say it’s been pretty nice getting back to Life Before Blogging also known as LBB, not that I’ve suddenly caught up on all the house work and laundry or started having dinner ready for the hubby

{gah, don’t want hubby getting the wrong idea}

It’s the small things which I didn’t realise had taken a bit of a back seat, I’ve probably read about 40 books.

{I never realised how many books there are about vampires and werewolves, don’t really get them myself but heyho, whatever floats your boat!}

And I started listening to music again, whilst keeping my pledge not to corrupt my delicate ears with the horror and monstrosity that is Justin Bieber

{I want to slap myself just typing that name, again its one of those things I just don’t get!}

Whilst I’m not feeling totally hunky-dory, I’m really getting itchy feet with the need to do something, so yeah, I guess you can expect to see a bit more stuff around here, plus I just have to let you know some of the crazy arse things my boys have been up to lately, total nutters the pair of ‘em!

Sorry if you are waiting for a response or something, I got over 3000 emails!! Most are probably rubbish, but you I’ll do a mass delete and lose something I actually need! I will get back to you super soon!


  1. Hope your feeling better soon and I totally agree on the Bieber...I don't get it either!

  2. Sorry to hear you've had a rough time, hope you're better soon. Total respect to your man for holding his own against the crazed seagull !

  3. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope you're on the men's soon x

  4. You poor thing, i have been in the duldrums as well. So can totally relate!

    Ps i don't get the Bieber, but then again i don't suppose he is marketing at us!


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