Boobies & Willies ~ Awkwardly Random Questions From My Kids

There are some conversations you just know you will be having with your kids eventually, like the birds and the bees, whether Santa is real and why mummy is always right.

Two conversations I wasn’t expecting any time soon popped up this week, all about boobies and willies!

Ahren looking cute

So, I’m sat there, cutting out circles {as you do} when Ahren smacks my boob.

“What is this?”

“My boob”


“And this?”

“My other boob, stop smacking them, they’re mine!”

“You have two ?”

“Yes, girls have boobs, boobies”

“Where are my booblies?”

“Boys don’t have boobies”

“When can I have boobies?”

{Arrrrggggghhhhhhh, I so wasn’t in the frame of mind to talk about boobs}

“When you’re 18!”

{I know, bad mummy award to me}

“Do you have booblies on your back?”

“NO! Ahren don’t be so mean!”

{I do NOT have back boobs}

Ahren then pats my boobs and walks off.

Oh my gosh, one of the most bizarre conversations I’ve had, but not as strange as the following conversation.


A few days later Ahren {I worry about him} comes strolling into the living room like he owns the place, sans jeans and pants, holding his willy.

“Ahren please go put your jeans and pants back on, and let go of your willy”

“Mummy, what’s my willy do?”

{Oh you are frickin’ kidding me}

“You use it to wee”

“I doooooooooooo?!”

“Yes, now put it away and get dressed please”

“Is it full of pooh?”

{What the fudge nuts? He says it like he hasn’t been peeing out his willy for over 3 years}

“No! Its for peeing with”

“Where’s your willy?”

“Daddy looks after it for me”

{I know I know, another bad mummy award}

“Can I keep my willy?”

“Yep, its yours, but put it away now please and get dressed”

Can you imagine how much more awkward these conversations are going to get, I think I will need therapy, cause these are just too much for me!

ethan being all cute

At least Ethan hasn’t started asking me randomly awkward questions, he just demands answers from random strangers when we are out and about, I’m usually too busy doubled over snorting back my laughter while my 3 year old gives people the evil eye demanding to know who they are and what they are doing.

He makes nice though, as we wheel the kids away before they can start a full on interrogation Ethan will yell back to the person

“We love you”


  1. This is absolutely hilarious! And I love your "bad mummy" replies!
    While driving my daughter to Kindergarten one morning she wanted to know where babies come from... so yeah, I feel your pain. :)

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  2. Classic! We're expecting again and my little boy was asking where the seed comes from, how it got in my tummy (grrr) and when I explained he asked if hair from daddy got in there too! I find the simple truth works best although Ben just seems to think the whole thing is hilarious.x

  3. i'm laughing... just laughing... funny questions :)

  4. LOL Don't you just love 'em?! He is so very cute, you couldn't deny an answer to that little face!


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