Breast Cancer Awareness Month ~ Make a Difference This October

Boobs, boobies, norks, breasts, hooters, honkers, melons, booblies,  fun bags, tits, happy sacs, rack, golden globes… whatever you want to call, we all got ‘em.

Even your fella has boobs, they may like to call them pecs {man boobs for the slightly squishier variety} but they are all made up of the same stuff and all at risk of one day being at the mercy of breast cancer, yep guys can get it too.

October is the international awareness month for breast cancer, there are so many ways to show your support, from fundraising, donating to buying Pink Ribbon products, here are a few sites where you can further information.

Visit their website to find an abundance of information on types of cancer, cancer prevention, research and support.

cancer research shop picks

All items available from Cancer Research UK, both on~line and high street stock a wonderful range of items where the ENTIRE profit is donated to cancer research, pretty impressive and a great way to treat yourself and donate to a worthy cause.

A site with a huge range of information on breast cancer, a must site for anyone looking for information, help and support.
They also have shop where you can shop whilst donating.

breast cancer care

An international website of all things breast cancer related, a great site which includes a blog, forum and stories from individuals personal affected by breast cancer.

There are so many ways to show your support in beating breast cancer, help make a difference in whichever way you can.

{If you are purchasing something where a percentage of the price is donated, check how much is actually donated, personally, if I’m spending £85 on a product which claims to support Breast Cancer Awareness, I expect more than a few pounds to be donated. You may want to just make a donation to the charity for the amount you want them to have!

Also don’t forget about Gift Aid, this enables the charities to claim the tax back on your donation, hurrah!}


  1. Great post sweetie, some gorgeous things here :) have a happy weekend

    Bee happy x

  2. wonderful post and and what a wonderful charity cancer research is, my lovely nan died of breast cancer just last year so it is close to my heart.
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  3. Thank you so much Amanda for the well wishes and for following my blog. I'm finally feeling better today so I hope to go for a run tomorrow. I'm getting excited about participating in this 5K event for breast cancer awareness. The money from the entries goes to provide mammograms for those who can't afford them. I'll be sure to blog about it. :-)

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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  5. Cancer is a complex set of diseases. Each cancer is unique in the way it grows and develops, its chances of spreading depends on the way it affects one`s body and the symptoms one may experience . Several factors, including location and how the cancerous cells appear under the microscope, determine how cancer is diagnosed. breast cancer surgery India


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