Fab Finds ~ Pretty Up The Nasty's

 I love me a good bargain!

The other week in Debenhams I hit gold when I found 3 photo frames, which at full retail price would have cost me £51.00, yeah, I ain’t spending that money on 3 frames unless they can give a foot rub and make coffee at the same time!

Due to some teeny tiny wonky donks, each frame was reduced in price.
This one has the hinges missing on the back, those tabby type prongs that keep the backing in place.

in a box 010

Using some tape on the back, which can’t be seen from the front and is easy to replace whenever I want to switch the photo out.

frame without hinges

I also picked up 2 heart frames, aren't they cuties?!

heart frame

Each one had some icky sticky residue from the labels and some scratches where the store chap or chapess tried to remove the labels.

One also was missing the backing panel.

smudged heart frame

Not be out done by some stickiness I grabbed some sandpaper and just sanded the stickers off, I kept on going across the entire frame.

Once the surface was a tad paint grippy, I applied a few coats of paint.
I haven’t decided on which photos to put inside so for now just I popped in some scrapbook paper.

heart frame

scrapbook paper filled frames
The missing back panel was no problem, some cardstock and tape were an easy and quick solution. 
With just a little effort I have 3 new photo frames which should have cost me £51.00, but due to the imperfections, each one was reduced by 80%, costing an awesome~bargain~tastic £10.20!

on the shelf 
I’m chuffed to pieces with the frames, it is so worthwhile looking at the ‘sold as seen’ section, some stuff is without a doubt crap, but there are some sweet bargains to be found!
heart frames

{Yep, I totally have Christmas bits on the shelves, to be fair I never actually put them away, isn’t that penguin tea light holder cute, a present from my niece, hey girl!}

store seconds

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  1. Pretty up the nastys - love it! =) And love what you did with your frames.


  2. Fab finds! I like how you fixed them up :) Am always keeping an eye out for seconds when shopping...even if the shop only takes 10% off, if I can fix it for nothing it's still a saving! 80% off is amazing though, hooray for Debenhams!


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