Fiddlesticks and what~not's!


It seems this week nothing is going to plan.

First up, I totally buggered up a painting project I was doing,

my printer is out of ink even though I KNOW I haven’t used it enough to run out,

I left my sandpaper out in the rain,

the boys have hit a difficult phase which I’m struggling to deal with,

I’ve busted the speakers for my laptop,

my mobile phone is being all whackadoodle

and the boys scribbled over my latest DIY, which I’m totally ticked off by, it is not easy to get a polka dot effect without a polka dot stencil!

polka dot notice board

So yeah, an arse~tastic week!

And to top it off, the ears {yep, in both} infection I’ve had for 3 weeks now {pain beyond anything else} has now resulted in the loss of hearing in one ear, frickin’ awesome!


Hopefully it will come back soon.

On the bright side, I’ve aged another year, which is a good thing I guess, especially as my darling little terrors woke me up with yells of

“Happy birthday mummy”


“Happy mothers day mummy” ahhhhh, so sweet!

The little monkeys got me a waffle maker!

I know, awesome!!

waffle stick maker

Not only is it pink, but it the waffles are the stick kind, and the batch I made yesterday were yummalicious!

They got me 3 plants too! Gerberas are my favourite flower, and in these polka dot jute pots, they are perfect!


I’m glad tomorrow is a new week, especially as hubby has the week off, hurrah!

I have a bunch of sewing projects I need to get started with, my poor sewing machine will grow legs soon and leave me if it’s left collecting dust much longer!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Gutted that you have ear infections on your birthday!! I hope they get better soon!! And what cute presents! I love waffles!

  2. Happy birthday to you! Sorry you aren't feeling good, hope it clears up soon. I just want to thank you again for your header tutorial, I'm delighted with how mine turned out.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope your birthday is the start of a better week! Can't wait to see what you and your sewing machine create and remember when life kills your stencil you can always use the end of your eraser!


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