Kids Talking Crazy & I Almost Drowned…..In The Bath…..Whilst Laughing!


What the fudge nuts?

Are all kids this crazy or is it just my two, this week two more classic conversations which seem to have sprouted out of no where and make little to no sense.

my boys

 {I fear they take after me more than we realise}.

lick me

“Lick me”


“Lick me”


“Ethan lick me”

“I don’t want to lick you”

“I said lick me”

“No Ahren! I don’t want to lick you”


I don’t know what the bijinkos this was about!

The next one almost had me drowning in the bath tub as I erupted into very undignified snorts of laughter.




“Its an octopus”

“Its an octagon”



“No Ahren its an octopus”






And that was it, discussion over, not entirely sure what they decided on, but they seem happy with it and fortunately I didn’t drown in the tub.

Never a dull moment with these kids!




  1. Kids do say the most funniest things :) super cute!


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