Sunflowers & Snails

Can you still get Blue Peter badges?

I want one!

Actually I think I deserve one, with my incredible knack of killing all plants which have the misfortune to cross the threshold into our little home, I have grown a sunflower!

I know, totally awesome!

Despite having kiddos who plucked the bloody things out the ground when they were mere saplings, the rather shonky British weather, the poxy neighbourhood cat that just wonders around like it owns the place and the fudging snails.

If you haven’t seen many snails this summer, its because all the bloody  snail trail vermin have taken up residence in our garden.

If I wasn’t so squirimish I would totally go ninja snail annihilator warrior on their hard shell arses!

So yeah, despite a few obstacle's I have rocked out the sunflower this summer.

Out of the numerous seeds I sewed {is that right?}, 3 managed to grow more than a few inches.

But only 1 actually managed to do anything, its now taller than me, which honestly isn’t that hard, and its produced a few beauties!


I’m not sure what type they are, but they sure do look pretty!

sunflower head

Just look at the state the snails have left my poor sun flowers in.

snail destruction

The leaves are totally destroyed! Grrrr, next year I wont be so nice and will devise a cunning plan to rid the garden of the crunchy shelled leaf eating slime squirting icky boos!

Can anyone tell me the point in snails, seriously, do they actually serve any purpose!

Well I’m pootling off to carry on with some Christmassy things, I know, its still early, but I always leave everything to last minute, but this year, I want to try and get prepared before New Years!


  1. Well, it was beautiful while it lasted anyway! Nasty snails!


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