Walk In The Rain ~ My paddy over fonts & printable!

Well, this was a ‘quickie’ which took way to long to complete!

You know why?


Put simply, there are too dang many of them!

Seriously, how on earth is a girl to choose which to use? {I have trouble just choosing whether I should wear my blue or white Chucks} At the moment I have 410 different fonts on my computer, so not easy deciding on fonts.

fonts i use

You can bet your arse that some of them are so similar in appearance I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them!

A girl always needs choices, but sometimes there are just to many, this little doodad should have taken a couple of hours with paint drying time, but nooooo

a frickin’ week!

Just to decide on which poxy fonts to use!

It’s not normal people!

It should not be this hard to to decide on TWO fonts!

Life and death decisions are made in a heart beat, and I’m so flaky that I can’t decide on which fonts to use in a week, I’m still not entirely happy but gosh darn it I couldn’t take take the pressure any more and just had to choose something!

And don’t even get me started on the whole decision process on combining different colours!

Do you remember as kid, there were so few colours, life was simple, you had your red, green, blue, yellow, orange blah blah blah, none of this shades malarkey!

Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves?

Anyway, midlife crisis averted, I settled on fonts and colours and came up with this.

walk in the rain

{Click on image if you want to print a copy}

Nothing special, and it really shouldn’t have caused me so  much indecision, can you imagine how much my hubby gets pissed at me when I’m trying to decide on dinner!

Anyhoo, once I had it printed out I wanted to put it in a frame, lucky for me I have a stash of frames I’ve picked up from charity shops.

nasty charity shop frame

I didn’t care much for the colour of the frame so decided to jazz it up a little with a few coats of paint. Some simple and random sanding gave it a more ‘rough with age’ appearance.

altering picture frame

The glass was pretty nasty and grimy, so a wipe over was needed to bring back its sparkle.

I’m going to share my super secret formula for cleaning glass…

dish soap / washing up liquid

Controversial I know!

I’ve seen so many different things recommended for cleaning windows and glass, and to be honest, I’d much rather be using my vinegar on chips than stinking up the windows and mirrors with it, so I nab a bucket of water, some washing up liquid and a scrubby doodah and get to wiping! A dry cloth brings a lovely shine to the windows / glass.

As the frame and printable were different sizes, I decided to wrap the mount board thingy in paper, I didn’t want the board whatnot showing up all blah looking!

covering backing

I put the frame back together with the printable inside, whacked a picture hook in the wall and job done!

framed quote

A permanent reminder of all things kids and adults should remember to take time out for.


  1. Well I'm a hopeless person on the computer front so I never have dilemmas about which font to use. I only ever use the one. Anyway, the framed words look utterly brilliant and you're right, we should all take time to do things for ourselves - just like I'm doing now while the coast is clear form partner and daughter! Xx

  2. Thanks for this DIY fixer upper frame! I'm totally becoming a DIY girl these days :) Stopping by from the Under 300 hop. Would love for you to come and say hello!



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