Bathroom Piñata or Paper Lantern Ombre style

You know how some ideas are so totally kick arse awesome {when still just an idea in your head} but when you actually get round to creating the idea…. it doesn’t work so well.

Let me introduce you to the ombre~paper~lantern~bathroom~piñata~blue~moon~child~scaring~ make~it~yellow~lampshade.

{hubby just told me what dirty martinis are made from, ewwww ewww and ewwww}

I picked up a few paper lampshades the other week and decided to jazz one up for the boys room.

Being a total decisionphobe I couldn’t settle on any one colour to paint it, so I decided to go with an ombre~ish feel.

This was ridiculously easy to do, but could have easily gone tits up!

paper lantern

Simply open up the paper lantern and prop it something to stop it rolling around.

prop up lantern

Separate in to sections based on the number of {rings} your lantern has, mine had approximately 20.

Start painting.

I used 5 rings per colour, with the fifth ring being painted half with the darker shade and half with the lighter shade.

Keep going until its all painted.

hang to dry

Hang up to allow the paint to dry.

{Whilst waiting for the paint to dry, give some serious consideration as to whether you need a bathroom piñata, not sure what would go in it, but could certainly make showers a bit more exciting!}

Once dry, follow the instructions and hang it up!

{Or if like me your a little shorty who is prone to electrocuting themselves, wait for hubby to come home and ask him to do it for you}

Handy Hints!

Don’t wave the lantern around whilst covered in wet paint, the curtains are not as far away as you think!

Don’t use too much paint in one spot & don’t water down the paint, its a paper lantern after all!

Be gentle, a jab with the paint brush could go all the way through!

Oh fudge nuts!

The lampshade was hung, I thought it looked pretty good, especially with the moon and star doodads on the ceiling.

painted lamp

Ethan saw it and said “It looks great”

Ahren saw it and was all “Its like a blue moon, yay”

Hubster was all “I like it, kinda like a blue planet”

So, I was pretty chuffed with myself and sent the kids off to bed.

An hour or so later …….. we can hear this sad little cry

“Make it yellow, please make it yellow. Mummy, daddy can you make it yellow”

Oh my flibertyjibbert, the lampshade was freaking Ethan out and he couldn’t sleep!

So hubster took it back down and now I’m wondering just what should go in a bathroom piñata.

bathroom pinata





  1. You could surely enjoy the view of that pinata when you soak in one of those drop in bathtubs.


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