Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet ~ Halloween Decoration Ideas


It seems every year we Brits get a bit more into the whole Halloween malarkey.

As a big kid at heart I can’t help but get into it, and this year the temptation to go a little crazy with decorating and hosting a party isn’t helped by all the amazing items being stocked on the shelves of our high street stores.

I’ve picked some of my favourite bits and pieces, it seems as though there is something for everyone, whether your going all out OTT, just want to pass out treats to local trick or treaters or just want a little orange around the house, you will be sure to find something.

1 First up is Lakeland, I just lurve me some Lakeland goodies, and the ladies that work in local store are an absolute hoot!

Halloween at Lakeland

1} Cobweb Cake Stand £11.99  2} Spider Cupcake Cases £2.99  3} Halloween Strands £2.29 

4} 3 Witches Hat Lanterns £7.99  5} Halloween Cookie Cutters £2.79 

6} Trick or Treat Skeleton Cupcake Holders £10.99  7} Halloween Chocolate Mould £4.99

bat bunting

2 You’re guaranteed to find something at a reasonable price from Asda, and their Halloween Shop doesn’t disappoint!

Halloween at Asda

1} Crow Halloween Decoration £5  2} Revolting Rat Halloween Figure £5  3} Skull Lights £10

4} Halloween Party Pack £5  5} Pumpkin Carving Kit £5

bat bunting

3 Marks and Spencer have a wonderful Halloween range this year, ideal for any Halloween party, the 3 for 2 promotion is very handy if you want to stock up!

halloween at marks and spencer

1} 3 Halloween 3D Paper Pumpkins £3.50  2} 20 Halloween Paper Napkins £1.50

3} Halloween Pumpkin Paper Garland £1.50  4} Halloween Glow in the Dark Trick or Treat Bucket £2.50

5} Halloween Light Up House £3.50  6} Halloween Spider Cake Stand £5 

7} 8 Halloween Paper Cups £1.50  8} 8 Halloween Glow in the Dark Window Stickers £3.50   

9} Halloween Pumpkin Piñata £9.50  10} Halloween Letters Banner £2.50

bat bunting

4 They may have left our high streets {pic n mix just isn’t the same anywhere else} but trusty old Woolworths can still be found on-line, hurrah!

Their Halloween selection is pretty impressive in the costume department, something for everyone. Some of their decorations seem slightly on the adult side, not sure my kiddos appreciate spiders or a bloody hand coming out the loo, but would be bloody hilarious for my poor old mother to stumble across!

They do also have a fab range more suitable for the young’uns.

halloween at woolworths

1} Freddy Kreuger Window Silhouette £6  2} Halloween Zombie Hand Toilet Topper £3

3} Halloween Table Decoration Kit £7  4} Halloween Spider Toilet Topper £3

5} Halloween Cute Characters String £5  6} Halloween Window Clings £2

7} Halloween Pumpkin Piñata £13  8} Graveyard Table Decoration Kit £7

I could totally trick our house out OTT this Halloween, not sure the hubster will be a happy bunny about it, but with all these goodies available its kinda impossible not to!

{Just an FYI, no one asked me, bribed me nor paid me for this, just got a bit carried away whilst looking for decorations!}




  1. Am loving some of the Halloween stuff around this year! Glad to see Asda have put a base on their crows this year--last year after a nightmare trek around to find some (because they'd sold out!) I ended up with a couple of them that don't stand up properly! lol
    Poundland/the 99p store had some good bits and pieces too, especially for parties and such ;)
    My Dad isn't mad on Halloween decorations so I compromise and deck out our front door and steps with decorations and a pumpkin or two. Neighbour always brings her two boys down to have a look (and ring the bell for some trick or treating lol)


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