Giveaway Winners

I’ve finally found some time to post the winners of the little giveaway I had the other week!

Between both kids throwing themselves head first at a table {not sure why they are so insistent on collecting more scars on their faces}, a surprise family visit, crap internet connection and the usual hoo-ha of life the past week has flown by in something of a head rush!

I’m in a bit of a pickle over the giveaway, looking back at the post I didn’t actually say when it closed, and with time differences {afternoon} is different depending on where you are, so after much umming and ahhhing I’ve decided to send a little something to all those who entered.scandi inspired festive decorations

It’s like I’m single handily trying to save Royal Mail, 60p a stamp OH MY GOSHNESS!

I’ve gotta say, some of you folk make it pretty darn difficult to get in touch with you, 2 of you guys didn’t have any contact details what so ever so ummm yeah, not sure what do there, answers on a postcard! The following lovely ladies should have an email in their inbox, ping me back with your addy and I’ll send out some festive cheer.

Alison ~ Heavenly Handmade

Marci ~ Stone Cottage Adventures

Amie ~ Pinkapotamus


Debra @ My Darlings and Me



  1. Congrats to all the winners!

  2. Thank you, Amanda! I am so very excited! These will be perfect for an idea I have for my bedroom that is black, white and red! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Hi Amanda

    did you mean me? I'm a follower via GFC as ziggy2407. If so, I didnt receive any email -

    Many Thanks

  4. Ooh thank you so much! I've just sent you an email with my address xx


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