Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Hoop Decoration

Last Christmas my mum got me a bunch of embroidery hoops {she’s a good egg} one of which was just ridiculously large, I spent the next 10 months or so wondering what on earth to do with it.
have yourself a merry little christmas
The boys were ruthless in their attempt to convince me it would make an excellent hula hoop, after a few tantrums {mine} I convinced them to stick to their own hula hoops and to leave mine alone!
Having ummmed and ahhhed for ages over what to put on it I finally decided on some festive lyrics in a combination of stitches and fabric letters.
what you need
Making choices
I used a lovely French linen as the main piece of fabric, which I secured in the hoop.
fabric in a hoop
Being the total doofus I am, and unable to make any kind of decision without a major breakdown of all possible outcomes I grabbed any and all festive type fabrics I had and took a while to just consider what to do!
This made no real impact on the fabrics I used, but did remind me of what I had!
a little mess
I finally settled on the 5 fabrics you can see at the front, totally not very festive at all, but very polka dotty which is just as good!
Once I had decided on the lyrics I wanted to use, I need to decide on which word or words would be fabric or thread, eventually I settled on making {Merry} out of fabric.
Making a template
I didn’t want to ruin any of the fabric so decided to make a template, this let me get the size and placing of {Merry} right first time.
Using the parts of letter stencils which is usually thrown away I made my template.
letter stencils
 {I always keep these stencils for projects, such a cheap and quick way of getting different fonts}
template for merry
Flip reverse
Happy with the size of the letters I flipped the stencils over and traced the letters on to fusible interfacing {the none gluey side}.
flip reverse
I then cut out the letters, leaving space around each letter, I then cut out some fabric for each letter {I ironed it after I took this pic}.
letters matched to fabrics 
Following the directions on the packaging I fussed the interfacing on to the wrong side of the fabric.
letters ironed onto fabric
Using sharp scissors and a lot of patience I cut out each letter and arranged them on the linen secured in the hoop. Being a lover of all things easy and knowing my limits, I glued the letters to the linen, fabric glue was invented for a reason!
{I used a cocktail stick to apply glue to the fiddly parts}
letters glued to fabric
Adding some decoration
I wanted to add a few baubles and other festive decorations.
festive fabrics
Once again I looked at my festive fabrics, and decided on 2. I cut out 2 different sized circles, a few pieces of ric rac and found some mini bows.
I picked out a few other festive embellishments, again using fabric glue to attach to the linen.
I used fabric glue to attach everything to the linen.
decorations on hoop
Stitching some words
With everything in place, I was able to decide on the placement of the remainder of the words from the lyrics, and the colour threads I would use {I went the non traditional route}.
festive threads
Using my computer and printer I printed out the words in a font and size I was happy with, and pinned them in place.
merry hoop
I simply used back stitches to follow the outline of each letter, then removed the paper once all the letters were done {be careful and take your time!}.
stitched words
Hanging up
Once I had all the lyrics sewn on to the linen it was ready to hang up.
merry little hoop
Grabbing a stick, bells and bakers twine I set about attaching the hoop to the stick.
stick bells and thread
I used the metal closure thingy on the hoop to attach some twine the tied it to the stick.
A few bells on either end of the stick and ta dah!
a merry little hoop
This is one of my favourite makes, even hubby likes it and he’s a total bah humbug!
I’m thinking I might bust out the Christmas tree tomorrow, getting all excited now!

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  1. How beautiful! I love all the fabric choices and the colors are wonderful together!! Great project!

  2. Wow! I love this hoop its so cute. Thank you for sharing how to do this.
    I wish I could sew and do embroidery! Pinning this for future reference. Great post!!

  3. Great use of a massive hoop! love it :) Just broken out my christmas tree this morning, couldn't wait any longer!

    Bee happy x

  4. That is just sweet & cute and so fun! So many things can go in a hoop!

  5. I just adore this.. it is gorgeous! I pinned before I even knew it was yours.. can't wait to try to make one with some of my super BIG embroidery hoops!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

  6. This is THE cutest project ever! I am Pinning so I can make one with one of my ridiculously large hoops too :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  7. That is gorgeous, what a brilliant idea!


  8. Super cute! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  9. Wow, it's gorgeous :) I need to get some of those hoops! x


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