How To Make Felt Christmas Pudding Decorations ~ With printable

This year I’m trying to ease the kids into Christmas gently, too much colour, sparkle and decorations and I think they might just tip over the edge into total kiddie crazy.

{The are currently running around in circles, nekkid obviously, yelling “We’re running away”}

I figured one way to start getting them into the whole Christmas malarkey was to get them involved in making some decorations.

This turned out to be a really fun little project for them and was pretty hard to mess up, so long as you don’t mind a house covered in felt, glue and buttons!

what you need


Print and then cut out templates

{ you can always use a cup or anything circle to draw around}


{click image above to go to printable template}

Print & Cut

Place templates on to the felt sheets and draw around them, cut out the felt pieces, you should end up with the same number of each piece.

felt pieces

Cut the straight edges on the white pieces of felt in to wavy edges.

make it wavy

Match the pieces together

Glue the white felt on to the brown, snipping away any over hanging pieces if necessary.

white felt applied to brown

Pair up each ‘pudding’ with a red or green piece of felt.

deco pieces

Add some ribbon & buttons

Cut ribbon in to 6 pieces, long enough to make a loop to hang the decorations.

ribbon glue and buttons

Fold a piece of ribbon and place to the 2 ends between a brown & white piece and a red or green piece.

Use a button and thread to secure all the pieces together.

button and ribbon sewn to deco

Lift up the brown felt and add a dollop of PVA glue to the red / green felt, place the brown felt back over the glue and smoosh down {this will help spread the glue} leave it to dry.

gluing deco pieces together

Once everything is dry, add some small dabs of PVA on to the brown felt, place small buttons over the dabs of glue {the glue dries clear so any excessive smosshes aren’t a problem}

buttons glued to deco

Allow the glue to dry before hanging up.

deco with glue drying

As the boys had so much fun making these we’re going to have a go at a few other ideas. Hopefully, if they turn out okay, I will add the templates to another post!

{The template for these should be available by clicking the link or the image of the printable above, if it doesn’t work, leave a comment and I can email it to you!}


  1. These are so pretty, Amanda. My favourite decs are definitely the ones my daughter made when she was little. xx

  2. Christmas pudding is a traditional English dish, which has spread to other English-speaking countries, such as Australia. This boiled or steamed pudding is also called plum pudding, plum duff, bag pudding or boiled pudding. Traditional Christmas puddings were often steamed in a square of fabric or bag.

  3. so cute and full of fun memories to cherish for ever x
    love jooles x


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