How To Make A Stick Christmas Tree ~ And A Terrible Joke!

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick!

I know it’s a terrible joke, but it’s the first one hubby told me, just as well I’m not with him for his sense of humour!

This ‘joke’ kept going round my head as I was working on my latest project, which was good, as I needed a distraction from the boys trying to whack each other with the sticks, they are yet to understand the rules of sword fighting with sticks!

Anyhoo, over the past few weeks we’ve sloooowly been adding bits of festiveness to the house {don’t want to go all out over night and the kids wake up and freak}, and after gathering a bunch of sticks from the local scary woods {Ethan's opinion, not mine} I decided to try my hand at making a stick Christmas tree.

stick christmas tree 

How sad that this is as close as I will get to having a real Christmas tree this year, until I can be certain the kids will neither try to eat the pines or try to shake them all off, we dare not risk one in the house until we know the tree would be safe!

Luckily this was simple to make and takes up no room at all, no chance for hubby to even try and say we don’t need to put up our Christmas tree!

what you need

Making your tree

First thing you need to do is gather up some sticks, the more branches you want your tree to have the more sticks you need, you also want at least one to be kinda straight!


Next up is messing around with different layouts to get the tree your happy with, you’ll most likely end up snapping a stick here of there to make them the right size or to take away little snaggly bits!

Eventually you will have you basic Christmas tree shape {one or 2 sticks may be lost to kids to continue the sword fight}.


I’m no girl guide or whatever so I have no idea about knots or whatnot, but I found a dollop of glue and a kinda looping of the thread works.

{Imagine you are stranded on an island and are making a raft, the type of fastening you would use to secure the conveniently placed branches with the randomly placed rope into a raft which will carry you into the nearest shipping lane to be rescued by a charmingly romantic sailor or a Captain Jack Sparrow if you prefer; that’s the kind of knotty thing you want}

{A quick Google and I find its called Lashing! if you want to know how to do it properly go here, freaking genius}

lashed sticks

Make it stand

Once you have your basic tree together, you want to pop it in a stand to keep it upright.

I used a plant pot lined with some jute type fabric trimmed with red and white gingham, rustic festive!

A few weeks ago the boys destroyed a draft excluder, lucky for me I decided to put the rice I had stuffed it with in to an old container thinking I would use it again someday, and found its the perfect thing to keep the tree standing straight.

tree stand

Admittedly the rice isn’t particularly festive looking, but a few twigs and decorations soon changes that.

covering the rice

Make it pretty

Now comes the fun part, decorating your tree. I gathered a bunch of stuff from my craft stash and hung my favourites from the branches.


I made sure to have equal weight on both ends of a stick and nothing too heavy this should help prevent it from toppling over. A few dabs of glue help with any decorations without a loop to hang from.

stick christmas tree

I had placed it on the rad cover at the bottom of the stairs, but Ahren decided he wanted it in front of the fireplace with the lanterns!

festive fireplace

So, that’s my stick Christmas tree, so far its still standing and doing it thang {which isn’t much considering its a tree made of sticks}

How are your Christmas preparations going, or are you holding out until December?




  1. With a large majority of the population leading a hectic lifestyle, the build up to Christmas is always a busy time and people often opt for an easy option by taking a tree that simply looks good.

  2. I LOVE that joke!!! he he he
    and i love your stick tree too, very stylish.
    thank you so much for your kind words on my last post, they meant the world to me
    love jooles x

  3. This is super cute! I might try and make a little one for my table for when our Elf comes next weekend! I love the joke haha.

  4. So pretty. Nope no Xmas prep as yet (not a fan, bah humbug). xx

  5. Nice. This was my version.


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