Vintage Postcard Display ~ Celebrating Local History

Do you know what your home town looked like 100 or even 50 years ago?

I know history isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve always had an interest in knowing the history about the places I live in, this prompted hubby to buy some old postcards of Eastbourne and some maps of where we grew up.

4 postcards

If you get the chance you should try getting your hands on some for your home town, its amazing just how much can change, your local library would be a good starting point!

colour postcards

{How spooky does that hotel look!}

Any way, I wanted to do something special with the postcards, I decided a simple display would be perfect.

what you need

Choose your frame

Pop the back and glass out of a picture frame, paint or decorate however you wish.


Attach the bakers twine

Grab some bakers twine and use a staple gun to secure it in a zig zag pattern inside the frame.

bakers twine

Choose which postcards to display

Select the post cards you want to display, if you have several you can all ways  switch them out,

old postcards

Secure postcards to the bakers twine

and use teeny ting pegs to secure them to the bakers twine.

mini pegs

postcards on display.jpg

Once I had the frame finished I wanted to add just a few more things to the display.

trains to eastbourne

This reproduction of an old railway advert seemed perfect, and a few tea-lights never hurt. 

a little history

If you do get your hands on some old postcards, take time to read what is on the back.

In the small bundle we have 6 are from the same person sent to the same person over a 50 year period! The first one was sent in 1905 and the last in 1955.

Some of the other postcards have left me wondering about the people who sent them.


Can you imagine sending a postcard to make arrangements to meet someone, such faith in the postal service to deliver on time!

And what happened to make them start with “… still alive.” I wonder if they did meet up.


This is just fantastic! Who or what is “object”!?

And signing off as ‘Boy’, makes me wonder if it was a secret love affair, I hope so and that they had a happy ever after.


Good to know the train service is still just as reliable!

Just think how much we take modern technology for granted, if you want to make plans you text, call or email. having to rely on the post service to get your message delivered in time seems crazy!

I wonder if they ever received their food and if they met up.

This is actually one of my favourite little projects, its odd to think that some of the messages were written over 100 years ago, the senders never could have imagined that their words would be shared on a blog with strangers, rather humbling.

postcards on display.jpg 







  1. those post cards are great!

  2. I love vintage photos, what a lovely way to display them!

    xoxo, Tanya

  3. Oh, how wonderful are those -- wow!

  4. Neat project! Old pictures are really interesting, especially if you know the area! My Dad has a book of old photographs of our village, it's strange seeing how much some places have (and haven't!) changed!

  5. Post cards are dearly old fashioned ways to greet your love ones. Sometimes old ways are better than the present. Emails and Facebook greetings are less valuable than those.

  6. That is so, so sweet. Sniff Sniff!


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