A Little Rule Breaking and A Lot of Randomness

Rules are quite obviously there to be broken, so break them I shall!

I got awarded the Liebster Award, from the lovely Lindsey over at Apple of Mamas Eye, which according to the rules, I am to answer 11 questions posed at the nominating website.

The Liebster Award is granted to new, up and coming bloggers with great potential and fewer than 200 followers. I have a few to many followers, but heck I wanna share! So I’m going to play along and think about my rule breaking later.

I’ve seen the Liebster buttons all over the place and wondered what it was. Liebster is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, or welcome, I’m gonna blush!

So I get 11 questions to answer, and who doesn’t like talking about themselves just a little bit? Grab a cuppa and you might just learn something new about little ol’ me

cup of coffee

1. Do you have children?

Yep, twin boys. Ahren and Ethan who are 3 years old and total bat arse crazy.

my boys

2. Why did you start blogging?

It started as a kinda therapy to help with issues I was dealing with. My therapist told me to write a journal, but that’s not my thing so started a blog which has evolved to a miss mash of randomness.

3. What is your favourite movie?

Ohhhh! I can’t just have one favourite, its not fair on all the other movies! I have favourites depending on my mood

If I want to cry ~ Stand by Me or Toy Story 3 {Oh my gosh, those poor toys, totally serious about this}

For the angst ridden happy ending ~ The Shaw Shank Redemption

When I want some thing scary and scream worthy ~ The Devils Rejects

When I feel like some ear choppin - suit wearin’ – clowns to the left – and jokers to the right arse kickin ~ Resivour Dogs

4. What do you do for a living?

Raise 2 kids, look after hubby, keep a home for my family and get myself back to health {its a full time job with crap benefits, no pay and terrible holidays, but I wouldn’t change it for anything}  And I also devote a lot of thinking time to solving those random questions everyone has but no one asks, like {Do cows thinks in moos or in something else? And can a French moo cow understand an Italian moo cow? Or is Pluto still a planet because the dude who changed the classification of planets had no right to do so and should have left it alone? ~ I’m working on the answers, will let you know soon}

5. Do you like to sew?

Yes, yes I do! Both hand and machine sewing, which reminds me I haven’t done any in forever.

6. What do you do to relax after a long day?

Hubby gets home from work, takes over from me and sends me up for a bath with a coffee and something yummy, he get the kids fed and put to bed AND cooks my dinner! He’s a keeper and definitely enforces my relaxing time!

7. What is your favourite book?

Oh man! Again, I don’t do favourites, but totally love Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwell, Torey Hayden and Bill Bryson {and a whole bunch of others}

8. What is your favourite food?

Grrrr! Umm anything Mexican {could eat it everyday}, or a proper Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Puddings nom nom nom. But sometimes just cheese on crackers is the perfect thing to munch. Ohhh and profiteroles, mmmmmm yummy! Oh and Tapas, me likey a lot, I lurve my food. And cake, cake is good.


9. How old are you?

You never ask a lady, and as I’m no lady I shall you! I’m 32 going on 23. I’m a 5”2 shorty who still wears hoodies, rocks out in the living room to Metallica and does a happy dance when over excited, sings words instead of speaking them oh and I say dude, a lot! Oh and I want my tongue piercing back,  grrr those pesky surgeons making me take it out, pah!

10. What state do you live in?

A state of randomness. We don’t do states here in Blighty but I do live on the coast in East Sussex, in a little place which is known as the Sunshine Coast, if you could see the rain coming down as I write this you’d be laughing along with me!

beachy head

11. Who is your biggest inspiration?

Hmmm, a tough one, anyone who has beaten the odds, for some people just getting out of bed or stepping outside is a major achievement and worthy of as much respect as the person who learnt to walk again, so yeah, anyone who has beaten the odds.

Can I have another answer and be totally cheesy and say me? A few years ago I was ready to end it all, but didn’t {obviously} and have slowly gotten better, I even went out in town yesterday with the kids on my own a huge step for me and I didn’t flip out crazy lady style until I got home and realised what I’d done, so umm yeah, I think I’m pretty darn inspirational to me because I’m still here and dealin’ with my issues!

Well, phew, if you're still here, well done and you most probably learnt a bunch of stuff which makes you wonder why you stuck around until the end. It’s because you’re awesome, so here’s the

“You’re Awesome Award for Reading the Random Babblings of a Shorty Doofus”

I need to nominate some peeps and make up questions for them, but the boyos are getting restless and a Peppa Pig book has been shoved under my nose. I shall immerse myself in the riveting story of Peppa’s Sports Day and get back to this over the weekend!



  1. Well, I, for one, enjoyed reading your "random babblings". I like it that you are your biggest inspiration. And why the hell not! You've done brilliantly, you're an inspiration to others and you're a crafting queen as far as I'm concerned. I like the phrase "bat arse crazy". Must use that one. Have a fabulous weekend. xx

  2. Love it! Thank you so much for answering my questions! You have an amazing blog and I don't think you babble at all! :)You are such an inspiration! Thanks again for sharing! Take care!

  3. Dude! You rock! Loved this, more random blabberings in the future :D xx


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