Are You Serious?

Ummm, how the bejinkos is it December 23rd?

Seriously people, there must be some weird conspiracy against me by those tricky peeps who control the whole GMT malarkey, because last time I checked it was mid summer I was in flip flops and I had {MONTHS} to get ready for Christmas.

Now I have a few hours and then BOOM Christmas Day is here and all the awesome ideas I had are up the spout and wasted for anther year.

Despite not having got everything ready as I had hoped, I’m still ridiculously excited to spend Christmas with my boys {Ahren is at this very moment singing the Christmas Wish song} we have our health, home and family, not much else we could ask for really.

be joyful always

Have a stupendously wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, what ever you do and where ever you are I hope you have a good one.

Mwah darlin’s xoxo!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours too! may it be a magical time filled with peace, love and happiness
    love jooles x


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